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I have a couple cross-promotion ideas to share. Authors who are interested in participating can PM me on this site.

Here are my two ideas, please feel free to share your ideas here too.

1. Have a Facebook page? Want other authors to share your page with their friends? In return you share their page with your friends? It’s easy. Free advertising with hundreds, if not thousands, of possible customers.

Even if we do not write the same genre, no problem. I’m sure there are Facebook friends out there who read other genres (gasp!).

2. Want to join a Blog Hop? I participated in one several months ago. If you have an active blog, please join us. What is a blog hop, you ask? Inbox me for the details. I will tell you it is fun and the last time I participated, 1,085 people visited my blog in one day. That is a lot of potential readers!

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I can tell you from experience that I hate swapping  pages with other authors.  It fills your newsfeed with posts filled with authors tooting their own books.  No one listens and it does not generate readers.  My thought was advertising books of other authors.  One day person one introduces the book and links to author 2.  In return author 2 does the same for author 1.  If your Facebook is filled with authors rather than readers.  You're wasting your time promoting your own book or someone elses.  They say authors read!  I don't see evidence of this through Facebook.  I know my day is filled with honey-do-lists.  When I sit down to read, I want to read something I enjoy.  


Author blogs on the other hand are fun -- again if you partner with the right people.  I recently completed an author blog and it boosted my sales.  Short-term, but I made some sales.  That's all that matters. 


I struggle every day to find new ways to market.  Often spending more time marketing  than writing.  That is frustrating, but reality.

I want my author interaction to include information we can all benefit from.  Marketing ideas, writing tips, publishing ideas.  I cannot stand a feed full of people tooting their own horns.  Somehow the idea of cross promoting and networking is lost in social networking sites.


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