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I have 11 books out so far lol, so I'll put up the first one tee-hee

T.B.M.D; Arieanna's Legend

Book 1: Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn: Arieanna's Legend;


Arieanna was pretty much happy with her life. Her students loved her, she loved teaching; life was simple and uncomplicated. 

That's until she met Auron. 

Sent by an exclusive underground sect, Auron's there to protect the descendant of Ast at all cost. His number one purpose is to keep the supposed volume of Ast's magick from entering the hands of the wrong people, in spite of the fact it might cause his death.

Exiled two centuries ago from his Företag for insubordination and murder, Auron knows if Jimmy Mann gets his hands on that book all hell will break lose.

Centuries of war will spill onto a human battleground, the causalities catastrophic. 

The governing Council will do whatever it deems necessary to keep that from happening; even if it means taking out the descendant, Lycans, Warlocks, Witches, Shape-shifters and Vampires. 

The hieroglyphs state she holds the key to the location of Ast's legendary book of magick; the only problem is, Arieanna doesn't know it yet! 
With the book comes massive power, and only Auron can help her control it, in order to keep her from wiping out paranormals and humans alike. 

Chalk full of Scottish Werewolves, British Vampires, American Witches, the legends of the Egyptian Goddess Ast, the Goddess Sekhmet, Mulkie the first Lycan, and Ast's infamous book of magick; Arie and Auron will find a love that will be tested by both supernatural, and regular everyday relationship hang-ups!

From The War Gate:

The bedroom light flicked on. It was like a welder’s torch going off in her face. For a moment, Avalon was blinded. She flung a hand up to shield her from the harsh glare. Someone grabbed her by the wrist, yanking her off the bed. A heavy knee came down on her back, pinning her onto the hard floor. Something metallic and foreign snapped her hands together.

“Wha—” She tried to enunciate.

“You have the right to remain silent,” someone droned. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

Someone thrust a hand under her breasts. The sound of her underwear band snapping rent the air like a firecracker. “Stop it!” she cried, finding her voice. “What are you doing to me?”

“She’s clean.”

Someone lifted her up, suspending her above the carpet. When she came down, her ankles buckled and she collapsed on the floor. Strong arms propped her up again. She fought to keep her balance on spongy legs. The room spun like an out-of-control carousel. The rush of voices garbled like bad calliope music. When her eyes focused, a frightening Neanderthal-like face filled her vision.

“Where are the keys, Mrs. Labrador?” asked the cop with a horrible face.

“What keys?” She was amazed she hadn't passed out. The vise-like grip on her arms brought such searing pain it was the one thing that kept her semi-conscious.

“The keys to the Chevy. The Suburban you used to transport the body.”

“I’m sick,” she said. “I can’t think.” Her nightgown stuck to her, bunched up, wet, giving off a foul odor. Blood splatter freckled the upper arch of her breasts.

“I found the keys in the bed fold, Sergeant,” said one of the male cops.

“Okay, leave them there. Tell Childs we’ll need the front taped off to keep the media away from the premises.”

Avalon staggered. A flash bulb popped in her face. Police, badges, guns. They were in her bedroom! Bile churned in her stomach and made its way up to her throat. What the hell was going on? Confusion snarled her thoughts. Where was her husband? He would protect her from all of this!

Large hands shoved her around the bed. She spied swaths of purple stains on the carpet while she was frog marched across the floor. Something terrible had happened, but what? Coherency strained to come back in pieces. Her heart hammered in her chest. “Where’s my husband? I don’t see Tom.”

“It’s too late for him,” said the big cop, escorting her down the hallway. They passed through the living room, which swarmed with khaki uniformed officers and white lab coat technicians who carried aluminum cases. Her nightgown snagged on a piece of wood jutting from the broken door frame, tearing her nightgown. Her feet squished across the dewy lawn. The frigid night chased a chill up her spine. Someone had to tell her what was going on! Tom! Her mind screamed for her husband.

They passed the driveway gate out onto the street. A large van sat at the curb, a generator hummed from within. Spotlights glared from the sidewalk. Her escort cop brought her up even with a police cruiser. He swung the rear door open. A large hand gave her a stark shove. The top of her head struck the door frame with a numbing thud just before she landed on the cold vinyl seat. The door slammed with a sad finality, leaving her to witness the spectacle in front of her house. Why were they treating her like a common criminal?

 Dangerous Waters is  a romantic mystery set in Guernsey, an Island off the British coast. . .

‘Oh my God, what’s happening to me? After all this time, please, not again!’
Jeanne Le Page, gripped by fear and panic, struggles to breathe as the ferry arrives in Guernsey – the island she had fled fifteen years before, traumatised by a family tragedy.
Now she has to return after another death. Her beloved grandmother has bequeathed Jeanne her old cottage. She intends to stay just long enough to sell her inheritance. Deeply unhappy after the recent end of a relationship, she has no desire to pick up her old life in her birthplace.
Jeanne is shocked to find that the cottage holds a secret going back to the German Occupation. She becomes drawn into learning more, delaying her planned departure. At the same time, while unveiling the truth of what happened to her family, she puts herself in mortal danger.
Jeanne has to relive the tragedy as the ghosts continue to haunt her. But over time the island works its magic, encouraging her to live and love again . . . .

Available in paperback and ebook on Amazon and all booksellers in UK & worldwide AmazonUK link

Anne Allen on facebook

The Wolfen Strain, a werewolf thriller with a DNA twist:

In a remote compound in Wyoming a geneticist created the first female human-wolf hybrid and adopted her as his daughter. When Melina Salinger discovers who and what she really is she escapes her father's domain and sets out into the wilderness—any other life would be better than the one that was forced upon her.

Seth Anson, a ranger stationed at the Wheeler Ridge watchtower, is trying to get over a bitter divorce—working in the majestic Shoshone forest is the only way he knows how to get on with his life. Consequently, he is unprepared for the strange and mysterious woman he accidentally shoots and then must nurse back to health. As Seth and Melina form a close bond that leads to something deeper—they have no idea that the geneticist’s other creation—the result of a DNA cloning experiment gone horribly wrong—is bent on finding Melina and committing a monstrous act.

My first novel is titled, A New Beginning and should be on Amazon April 5th.

A New Beginning is set in an era where man has just begun colonizing space stations and a few planets. Earth is controlled by eighty mega corporations that rule the political bodies and economies of Earth much as ancient kings ruled their realms. The story centers on how a young woman, Kristin Hayes, is declared an indentured worker gains her freedom and happiness and how her actions intertwine with Earth’s and the Federation’s policies. The story contains no super heroes or captain’s who can defeat an enemy armada with but a single ship, a short-handed crew and two missiles. Instead the story shows how everyday spacers rise to the challenges that face them and how a young woman from Earth finds happiness in space.

Has Alexandra found love a second time around with Derek or is he a Hollywood playboy?

Take 2 US UK

Liked everyone! :)

Hustle Henry and the Cue-Ball Kid.

Clarence Flannery was luckier than most men his age to discover his life’s ambition, particularly in the unpredictable years just following the Civil War. Born with an unmatched skill to play pool, he left his home in Kansas when he turned twenty-six and traveled throughout the Southwestern United States to make his mark as a legendary pool hustler, with every intention of amassing a fortune in the process.

Clarence needed help for both support and protection, and recruited James Skinner as his partner, along with nine other highly-skilled pool players to assist him in his quest.

Wanting to be included in the same sentence as Attila the Hun and Alexander the Great, Clarence changed his name to Hustle Henry, Skinner became the Cue-Ball Kid, and the eleven men would go down in history as The H***-in-the-Table-Bunch, known far and wide for hustling wannabe pool sharks out of their life savings.

All goes to plan and life has a rosy and profitable outlook, but Henry and his men want more than what pool halls and saloons offer, so they decide to challenge the more affluent clientele on a riverboat.

Initially, the venture proves profitable, but the millionaire tycoon and owner of the fleet of riverboats, takes exception, and intends to bring down the Bunch and thrust Henry and The Kid into a life of destitution.

Taking along the Kid’s girlfriend, Penelope Henderson, the Kid and Henry flee to South America – where there will be a final showdown…

Hustle Henry and the Cue-Ball Kid is a fiction work of Western humor with an interesting and amusing cast of characters.


Hi all, I am a new book author.  My first book has been published by Outskirts Press.  Before this I was writing screenplays and magazine articles.

The title of my book is "Cryptic".  It is a story about a young man with three college degrees and a genius IQ that teams up with an established serial killer to taunt the law as they kill.

My website:

It is also out as a paperback and kindle book on Amazon.

Conrad Luznar 

Eliza made up her own written language to keep other people from reading her diaries. But one day, on her way home from work, she spots graffiti in a subway tunnel written in her secret alphabet. And decides to do what it says.

"Seslatero" is the story of a woman with Multiple Personality Disorder who discovers a way to have a "normal" life. But can she handle it?

Available on my website (free for my subscribers):


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