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Our credo as followers of Jesus mandate that we care for one another in joy and peace. We are not to be mimics of a violent and greedy world. If that engenders envy, so be it.

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Thank you for your comment in this area.  I am always puzzled by the aggressive stance of some Christians.  Christ never encouraged his followers to be violent, aggressive or disrespectful, "pay Caesar what is Caesar's . . ."  He only verbally attacked those who were showing disrespect to the Father, but he submitted to horrendous physical abuse without retalliation.  We have more impact as we submit to the abuse of others and seek solace from the Lord, not from men.


Amen, Scott.

Hi Scott,

we just love judging others, we like to feel superior rather than work to serve others. I think aggressive comments should be deleted by the group manager. Ours is not the place of judgement, that's the Holy Spirit's job as far as I understand John's good news! Also I think it is because people are threatened by the world outside their door and they express that fear by judging others. Jesus only seems to have given the religious leaders of His day a hard time. Judgement/discernment of my own motives comes first.


We are supposed to be declaring a word of reconciliation not judgement, no wonder we are pariahs in God's world!


Writing is a way of helping the world be what it is supposed to be, in this we serve the world that God loves!





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