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Hello All:

I am new to Authors.Com and would like to introduce myself. I am a Registered Nurse transitioning into the writing industry. My choice of writing includes inspirational and health related articles. However, I am attempting to write my first book. Hopefully, it will be published by next year.


If anyone has any advice to offer, please bring it on. I am open to all recommendations.


Looking forward to a mutually satisfying and learning experience in this forum.

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Read, read, read, and then write, write, write. Reading helps to open up your mind and exercise your greatest muscle, the brain. Writing keeps the ideas from getting cluttered in your brain.


Journal about everything, revise often, and seek authentic constructive criticism. Join writing and speaking groups as to they both do very similar things when it comes to getting ideas out of the head and onto paper.


Talk to people abou the subjects you are writing. Learn as much as you can about every area of your subject, but not to become an expert, but rather to find the right direction for your writing. Stay consistent and stay encouraged.


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