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I am a new author of children's books. I have written 2 so far and have been working on 3 & 4. My biggest dilemma is finding an illustrator. Do I even need one before trying to submit a manuscript? Or can anyone help me in locating one.

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My understanding is that publishers like to assign their own illustrators, Christine. Unless you're planning to go down the self publishing route, I don't think that's something you need worry about. Most freelancer and job sites have a section for illustrators/artists. Try Googling "freelance illustrator jobs" or "freelance illustrator wanted" and you'll find sites where they are.

Kay is correct. If you're going with a traditional pub., they'll want to take care of it. If you're doing it on your own, I recommend CreateSpace as the medium. As for illustrators, check out It's amazing how many talented people are out there.

Good luck!

I was wondering about that too as well, I am an artist and i am doing concept drawings as to what I would like to see. Is that a turn off for publishers?

That's my concept drawing of Man on the Mountain

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Many paths to take. Looks like you have the option to create your own illustrations. Keep in  mind, the more your publisher does the less you get in return ($). 

My company offers 3 types of contracts to the clients we accept based on your budget. Most go with the low hourly payment during production with a 20% residual of all sales. The opposite spectrum of contracts and this is the case for just about all illustrators, you pay a huge fee to own the image out right. And that is for each image. Gets a bit costly for children's books.

We are a 1-stop company for all production, publishing, and marketing for books, so feel free to ask questions. Good luck on your book either way.


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