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A young girl thinks she falls in love with a human, a police detective. Would love remain love when she discovers he is a vampire? A killer? A dangerous lover? Would love be possible in many different forms so human and vampire's one is so true as other ones? Reading what Jessica Stone, Jack and Danny Mason faced goes beyond the limits and stereotypes.
A human, a vampire and werewolf that could be natural enemies fall in love. Would every one of them accept it or give up? It is not a paranormal romance written on the bases of clishe. There are not ordinary obstacles typical for other couple. The challenges are too different than the supposed ones by the human Jessica Stone. Her story is somehow idealistic as if to answer to the question what a kind of man women like to love. Her vampire beau Jack Mason is a little bit too much protective, caressing with faultless physics and manners. But even with him love hurts, love inspires, love gives other sense of life and changes our concepts for dimension of human feelings. Therefore it seems worthy to know how they would keep or not their impossible love and in what ways it could exist.

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