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It feels like I have walked 10,000 miles since I went from manuscript to putting my first book on the web for all to see in 2011.

One thing I have learned the hard way is to READ what I have written a month later when the euphoria has gone down. Grammar is an absolute MUST before you put something on the web, be it your website or Amazon for example.

Typo's are just as IMPORTANT!

If you can polish your book manuscript several times, reading it NOT as an author but someone who has never read your work you have the CHANCE to let others read something you are proud of.

I have learned these two mistakes the hard way and finally my 22 books are readable and hopefully enjoyed by a reader.

My author website is at:

I am here as living proof that if you believe in what you are writing and know your destination that you can place your finished book on the web.

The $$$ money be slow in coming but the majority of writers I know didn't pick up a pen with the hope of making gazillions of dollars.

They picked up their pen because they had to write as desperately as they had to take their next breath.

I am a disabled veteran and 62 years old and I couldn't be happier at this point in my life.

I wish you all the same happiness and inspiration.


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Another note:

Book review services 99% of the time do not come free and if you choose to pay for a book review they are honest and do not guarantee you a positive review.

PLEASEEEE, Edit, edit and re-edit your book punctuation and spelling wise.

You will be thankful you did.



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