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Hey, all. I'm Dave and I've been dabbling in the world of creative writing for a while with colossal lack of success. I find my biggest problem is I have so many ideas that when I'm at most a couple of chapters into a story, I come up with something completely different, get started on that and never come back to the previous story. What's even worse is when I come back to re-read what I'd already written, I think that's terrible and delete it. 

I do however have infinite fun doing the little writing exercises that I find littering the internet. Most of my little jaunts seem to generally be up to ten pages long and seem to be rather entertaining to re-read. Do you guys think I should give up on trying for the book and stick to the super short stories or do you think there's hope for me yet to actually see a cover around one of my idea?

Thoughts, opinions, advice? Anything would be welcome. If you like, I could even blog a couple of my writing exercises so you can have a look at my writing style and let me know if there's hope for me yet.

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Actually, another quick question, folks... Is it uncool to blog short stories?

I'm not sure about that one, Dave. I blogged a quick article the other day, that I thought might be amusing and no one has jumped on me yet...LOL, but as a newbie myself, not yet sure of blog etiquette.

As your newest BFF, I'd read it and send my thoughts, for what they are worth.



Dave Ronnert said:

Actually, another quick question, folks... Is it uncool to blog short stories?

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