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  Yes, I am back. I ask forgiveness for my long absence! Betty is here!

I have been lost in thought, swept away by life, conquered by my imagination.

Yet I am back , seeking comments from the world of mortals I have yet to see.

We all have our senses, hearing, sight, touch, smell taste.

Well what if there was another?

We are all confined souls within a vessel of skin and bone.

There is something more to each and every one of  that alters us to be individuals.

If you could be more than the average human, what would you want this superior trait to be?

This sixth sense, to be a perception of the mind of the body, of the soul.

To read minds?  To see into the future? or better yet to see the dead?

Be clever think this through! Don't just yell out x ray vision!

because it is not a superpower I am asking of you.

What I seek is gift a surreal sense. 

The gift, to transmit your soul into another, the gift of life through touch, being able to speak to the dead?

This sixth sense must be linked to the other senses.

Burrow yourself into your mind.

Find your ability.

                      Peace and love, Betty


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The sixth sense has always been something that fascinates me.  I love reading books that integrate a character into the story that possesses such a sense.  That is, as long as it is believable and appear realistically possible.  As for myself, that is a difficult question to answer; to only give one answer.  I guess I would have to say I would like to have "a strong intuition." By that I mean an ability to know good people from bad people, who is trustworthy who is not, and to know who is real and who is fake.  To "just know" would be incredible.  When you question your intuition, you tend not to trust anyone or anything.

As a side note, just a couple of things that have happened to me.  I have frequent and very vivid dreams.  Many have been about dead people, mostly deceased family members.  Two particularly stand out.  One where my grandfather was there and took my hand and told everything would be alright. The other was an uncle, we were talking (not with our mouths but with our minds).  I don't remember much of the conversation except for the last when he told me he had to go toward the light and I told him he would have to tell me about it sometime.  Both dreams were particularly profound for me.  I've also dreamt about astrally projecting a few times.  Those dreams were so real that I was never sure if they were dreams or real. However, I never left my house; just floated around the house.  I was filled with an incredible sense of freedom.

As for an actual psychic ability, I suppose being a medium would be good given my comforting dreams.  I guess that's two answers - sorry.  Anyway, I hope my answers were what you were looking for.  It is a very interesting question.

Marjorie St. Clair

I at times have had some weird dreams. I remember as a kid I went on a camping trip and we stayed at a Campground that had a pool and other stuff aside from the little lots each camper had. In my dream prior to going I saw the exact same grounds and pool. I also had conversations and activities in my dream. The dream turned out to be exactly what it looked like and even things I did while there. I have also had moments in my life that were a de ja vu(sp?} and it gave me a weird feeling in my head and brain. I almost felt numb. I was playing catch with a friend. It made me feel so strange I felt like I was going to vomit. That type of thing happened a few times when younger but also happen as an adult a few years ago. I never knew what it was or how to explain it. I just felt weird, in my life I have developed that "gut feeling" and am right all the time. Growing up as I did , being abandoned as a child twice and living on the streets as a child it was part of my survival instincts. It has become better as I have aged and matured. I also understand life and human behavior much better as an adult. I had a few horrible situations as a kid where my instincts didn't warn me. When you are raped at knifepoint by a guy who had a day earlier slept with an older (but still a minor) girl while I was sleeping across the room, I never could have imagined at 19 he would attack me(!!) a couple of days later. I would love to have the ability to see the future. Being a medium, is something I am skeptical about but I won't rule it out until I have a chance to meet one. I have had some weird things happen, I guess anything is possible.

I always love your poetic ways of musing, Betty. :) I would like mine to be to know the true root of emotional turmoil in another person. So many misunderstandings happen because one emotion comes across as another, like anger rooted in fear for example or bravado rooted in vulnerability. 

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