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What software do you use to keep a visual track of plot, characters and events?

Hi fellow authors,


I'm about to embark on research for an historical character and because I'm a visual learner I'd like to SEE the various threads to the story/research.


I'm just wondering if any members are using a particular software as part of their writing research and which they'd recommend?


Best Wishes,





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There is software about which presents a plot together with the characters and development within the plot in three dimensions. I don't have the name of the software but it is often used by those in writing scripts or in the film making business.

For us ordinary writers there is  pen and paper 'mind mapping' ; also a computer variation of 'mind mapping' you might find useful. Take a look at website for ideas and examples of mind mapping and you can also ask questions of D. Nelson.

Best wishes

Cleveland W. Gibson


Hi Steve,

Just got back from a trip to the Continent, thanks for replying. I'll check out the attachments and get back in touch.

Best Wishes,


Apparently your thread was posted twice, Steve. I'd answered the other one.

You can tell this thread I'm posting in is the second version because it's the same URL apart from having a number the end.  You could ask the admin to merge them. There's a Report an Issue link at the foot of the page. 

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