Authors, Writers, Publishers, and Book Readers is whatever one enjoys. I enjoy writing to a world of people.

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What a wonderful thing to say!

I think happiness is access to many possibilities and giving it a try whether involves learning to play the violin or running outside on a sunny yet chilly day.  :)

Hmm, there is fake, thought to be happiness. Which includes physical possessions, usually bought to be happy. Or maybe a girl/boy that only like you because of what you have(money,looks), not you as a person. This 'fake' happiness will never be satisfying, but true genuine happiness is amazing. This can be induced by anything you truly enjoy. Like writing, depending on why you write. Or true love, which to me is one off the realest true happiness and can be seen very clearly when two people are really in love. Lol i dont think you were looking for this in depth of an answer, my bad.-Jon  

Happiness is innate and available to everyone, it is simply a choice. However, there are those that search for that which seems almost allusive, not realizing that it is within. You have the power of choice, so shoose to be happy. Many things in life that seem an endless search are really quite simple when you realize, you already have the power within.

Only my view of course.


There are so many things that go into such an emotional state. True love, true acceptance, the unexpected joy of nature's beauty, or a friends compassion. The taste of a truly good meal, washed down with a nice wine. Just breathing good clean air. Coming home after a long journey to be pounced on by the kids.

Its an inner state, a matter of choice and an influence from external awareness.

But for writers there is a special happiness, when someone tells us how much they enjoyed reading out tales...

Keep writing and keep happy!

Wow! you couldn't have said that any better, thanks.

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