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Can an interaction with God be recorded in a written account of the past events, not be considered an addition to the scripture of the Bible, still be prophetic, and still be Christian fiction?

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This is very interesting. I am very unsure if you are aksing if what people consider to be Christian fiction is part of the heritage or if the heritage itself is nothing more than fiction. That is a very great question to pose. I also think that a good writing on the subject is long over due.
Thanks Larry. Here's the best example I can give. In my series, I wrote of a prophet who's writings and walk with God never made it into the Bible. It was never supposed to, and at the same time it's a prophecy of a time during Revelation. I explain clearly this prophecy was never supposed to be in the Bible, but was a forecast of one of the 7 thunders revealed in Revelation 10 that no one knows what they are. Yet, one Christian reviewer said it was not Christian fiction, yet The Shack and the Chronicles of Narnia are considered Christian fiction. This is strange to me.


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