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Written By: Marshall Lawe

This is my second submission to this forum. And again, as was the case the first time, I’m writing this reluctantly, but at the behest of my city’s mayor George Jennifer. And I’m writing this because of what our mayor rightly calls the crises at both our nation’s southern border, and inside our White House. And Charles Platt’s second letter to Ralph Hawk from Paris, which was supposed to have appeared here at this time, will be (hopefully) posted next time.
When I was a youngster I did and said what I felt I needed to do and say at every juncture. And I never concerned myself much with philosophy, or psychology, or any of those other usually mental, but sometimes physical phenomena which many times begin with a p and end with a y. But why didn’t I concern myself much with them? Well, first I suppose, as a child my mind wasn’t developed yet then to a point which allowed for much critical analysis of anything, and secondly, in the environment I knew as a child, my only goal was to get by from day to day. And on each of those days my hope and prayer was that life would transpire peacefully upon Planet Earth.
And now, although much has changed, much of that just mentioned mode of conduct remains. Yet years ago it seemed that at least whatever mistakes we made were wrong actions we committed. Today however, as a white male, I can see that according to all liberals, minorities and most women, I and those like me are to blame for all the evils currently present in modern day life. And although neighboring nations apparently can’t control their population growth, and then send massive numbers of (and let’s face it, whether you approve of the term or not) invaders into our nation, many of whom have coronavirus or aren’t even adults, I and other white males, who are only trying to live our lives in peace, are to blame. And we’re likewise guilty if a mayor somewhere does or doesn’t commit sexual harassment. And we’re to blame if rioters commit vicious acts on city streets, or police cut off the breathing capabilities of people lying on those streets, or people attack a capitol building, or a presidential election is marred by illegal actions, or someone enters a building and mass murders numbers of innocent individuals.
But today we have a plastic man to tell us about our sins, and to blame all evils upon us and the man who had his job before him. Yes, he really “tears into” us. He says he’ll make us pay. And then he trips over his own feet on the airplane entrance.
And it makes one wonder if people have no shame anymore today. Don’t they care about what the rest of the world thinks about someone who supposedly leads the free world?
And although most would agree that for a number of reasons (primarily the Coronavirus) 2020 was not a good year in The United States of America, 2021 is looking to be even worse. And the rate at which life has deteriorated in the U.S. since the swearing in of its forty sixth president seems almost unfathomable. Prices for the various forms of energy necessary to sustain the nation’s economy continue to rise because some leaders of apparently low intellect are shutting off oil pipelines and curtailing other means of energy production, while telling Americans there are new energy sources. Well, yes, those leaders have new sources – in their minds – and that’s where they’ll remain, because they’re not economically feasible. And don’t forget the oil turn down has cost many jobs which, contrary to what’s being said, will most likely never be replaced.
But then, as we leave the increased prices at the gas pump, we learn of how one political party is today evidently attempting to grasp hold of unending power in the U.S. Adding various left-wing areas as states will ensure a majority in the U.S. Senate, which will last probably as long as the nation does. And adding extra seats on the Supreme Court will turn that body liberal or radical. And driving a wedge between the various races and ethnicities which inhabit the U.S. will probably be another successful means of power grabbing. After all, everyone knows that according to the media, whites are to blame for all current American problems. Well, sure, the president is a white male, but he has a vice president who’s female and apparently non-white, and besides, those airplane entrance steps can be tricky!
So, we’ve seen the riots. We’ve seen the statues torn down. We’ve heard the police called pigs, and we’re aware that some want the salaries of law enforcement officers lowered or completely defunded. And we know that conservatives have been called fascists and children of Satan. But although conservatism is greatly hated by left-wing radicals today, that ism will never disappear from Planet Earth – nor will liberalism. If nothing else, if dictatorship someday is installed as the mode of government in the U.S., as it now appears it will be perhaps a few decades from now, there will always be a more liberal and a more conservative approach that may be taken toward every national problem, even if that approach is directly decided upon by a dictator from the Democratic Party.
And, let’s not forget the most egregious of travesties that’s been forced upon American citizens over the last few months. Unknown, and almost countless numbers of illegal aliens have gained entrance to the U.S. by one means or another. And if they’ve gotten across the Rio Grande, they’ve been coddled here. They’ve been given food and vaccinations which many real Americans still haven’t received. And many have been housed in hotels. And some have been granted a forum with members of Congress, whom they’ve apparently told that they want to be treated with dignity here! Well, my goodness! They want us to show them dignity after they violate our borders and our way of life!
And if these foreigners are going to stay in the U.S., what will become of them here? Many are children who will overcrowd our school systems in years to come. Others have no actual skills and can’t, or can barely speak English. And what effect will that have in the U.S.? Will all American children soon be required to learn Spanish?
Only so many non-productive people can be “carried” by any economic system, no matter be it ultra-right or ultra-left wing, or anywhere in between. And as the unemployment these illegals bring with them intensifies, so will crime and disease.
And those people who hide illegal aliens in so-called “Sanctuary Cities” should be made to pay the bills those “cities” generate. But instead, it appears areas of the nation which have tried to be fiscally efficient will now be required to reimburse those areas which recklessly and foolishly spent taxpayer dollars on non-essentials and illegal aliens. And a massive government bailout bill will apparently reward those areas of the nation which have fiscally “stuck it to” the more responsible areas.
And knowing that illegal aliens have brought disease, illegal drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, and only God knows whatever other evils to the U.S., is it wrong for Americans to ask why their nation’s borders can’t be secured from uninvited foreigners? And what sort of parents send unaccompanied minors into a foreign land? And what types of nations apparently do nothing to stem a tide of over-population within their borders?
And I’d like to close this piece by mentioning what I believe to be five ancillary developments or non-developments tied to the illegal immigrant and unfit to be president situations. ONE: Although the real truth of the matter is that no certain race or sex is solely responsible for the crisis at America’s border with Mexico, white males receive almost the entire blame for it. And whenever the crisis is talked about by America’s left-wing media, no responsibility is ever assessed to the people who are actually breaking the law and living carelessly and dangerously; no, of course the blame lies with men living far away who are only trying to support themselves and their families. TWO: The Democratic Party is now engaged in a “power play” in the U.S.. Various laws, especially H.R.1, if passed, will most likely doom the Republican Party. And that party will then no longer elect representatives, senators, or presidents, to which many liberals will probably say “Hooray”; but when Republicans are gone, Democrats will fight amongst themselves, and they’ll also need to fight a trend toward dictatorship, which will surely be present then. THREE: Have you noticed how emboldened foreign enemies of America have become since President forty six took office? And unfortunately, lately mass murderers also seem willing to act. And FOUR: Why doesn’t the “environmental movement” comment on the recent mass immigration into the U.S.? You would think that the massive increase in U.S. population, accrued from this assault on our borders, would greatly increase the demand for energy in time to come. And FIVE: What will life be like for whites in America if and when they become a minority in the U.S.?

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