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Written By: F. John Surells

As I sit amongst these empty chairs, time’s reflections filter in through the glass that’s near me, and settle quietly but importantly around me. And with a mind which I know will soon be looking piercingly backward, before any past thoughts can revisit, I submit a prayer of thankfulness for the fact that it’s a sunny day. And it’s a quiet day, both inward here where I am, and outward, at least as far as I can see. Still, I know much noise does exist – out there – out beyond my current scope of reality and imagination.
But I can truthfully tell you that in my comprehension the peacefulness which surrounds me now, assures me that mine was a victory in the end; yet only a personal one, for all must individually participate in the so-called game of life in which many necessary restraints are often ignored, and many bogus rules are often crafted. Still, I wish I could impress upon you how significant this current moment’s lack of distortion is. It exemplifies my guess that one subjective era of conduct has ended, and signifies my acknowledgement of the fact that another will now need to begin. And God, I’m thinking now of the ramifications of such a new beginning. And just now I’m experiencing sobering thoughts! Their possible reconfiguration of character shocks me psychologically, and escorts me mentally backward to many happy memories, but also brings to the fore the sense of anguish I know because of the fact that Lucifer accomplished much during my years of existence.
But, as I said, it appears now that one era has ended and another has begun. And, as I’m thinking about my approach to this new beginning, I’m remembering what Orlon spoke about in Part Two of this discussion. He said that we (meaning all mortals) must never allow self-pity to be our life’s commander. And thus, I’ve decided that for every time we mentally find ourselves with the Romans at Teutoburg Forest, or with the Confederates at Gettysburg, or sailing aboard the Titanic on an icy Atlantic, we should also remember that day at The Louvre when Mona Lisa took leave of her so-called “mystic smile” and winked at us.
And believing that, I’ll try to convey how simply free I feel today. Yes, I feel free, perhaps not completely from societal responsibilities of commission and omission, but at least liberated – liberated in one’s mind. And I can say to the man looking back at me that I’m not especially concerned about any performances on any screens, stages or playing fields, nor within any bedrooms. I’ve learned that time’s unfettered passage is all that will remain of any significance upon this planet in all those temporal eras that lie ahead. But, I do believe that a Divine Master will stop earthly time at some point. And when it’s stopped, I know not if it shall ever begin again as we experience it now. But, for those who’ve known its previous continuance, in a court of eternal judgment, their deeds committed and left undone will be evaluated before the onset of an everlasting era.
Over the years I’ve been criticized for using the analogy of life to a card game. Yet, I fail to see how it’s not valid. When we sit down at the table is when we’re born into a real world around us. And when the cards are dealt is when our talents and possibilities to achieve in the future first become our birthright. And then of course the actual playing of the cards represents our decisions to live our lives as we choose. But for some the analogy is invalid in that in some games one can trade one’s first held cards for others, while in most games one must play what one’s been dealt. And, for me personally – oh the richness of that diversion from true analogy! Oh the awareness it brings to the fact that life is so alive! And yes, sometimes events occur which can drastically alter life’s pre-planned course.
And how relevant is the second half of that previous paragraph to me today. I’m trying to write a Part Three to this disclosure which is entitled for our Sanctuary City, and already now I know there’s too much to be said here in one submission! Thus, a Part Four will be necessitated! And I don’t know how well that will “sit” with our city’s mayor George Jennifer, especially since he, through Rashon and Orlon, promised initially that the entire Sanctuary City submissions would be completed in one part! And, later, if I’m not mistaken, he and they then vowed that surely the entire piece would end with a Part Three. Well, I’m sorry, but I think I’ll need a Part Three to emphasize the more “down to Earth” aspects of life in our city and nation, and I’ll require a Part Four to relate some examples of how bizarre life can be here where I daily search for order amongst degradations.
So, just now I’m embarrassed. I feel belittled to have failed to complete this task in a concise and orderly fashion. And yet, the more I say about this topic, the more I ironically add to the reason for its necessity! Thus, I’m somewhat confused as well as dispirited. And I’m noticing that my current confusion is “opening a portal in my mind” so to speak! Just now I’m realizing that confusion is one of the main components of creativity. And I guess it’s this realization that I’ll allude to later in this piece (somewhere in either Part Three or Part Four) when I’ll speak about what happens to one when one understands that an era has ended.
But, those of us who live in this city are, I suppose one could say, symbolic representations of all the mortals one might meet along one’s earthly journey. And, we’re here, I think to show mankind how peace can be found individually, within oneself. And since we’ve been granted a clear assessment of eternity, we wish only to be a part of our Lord’s harvest someday. Yet, until then we’ll wait for every summer’s soul appeasement, and admit we know that both good and evil have been sown in time’s temporal vineyard of reflections.
And, as you know, reflections concerning the past, as well as musings about the present and future, lead to decisions. And our city’s mayor, George Jennifer, has said that except for possible infrequent, and in his opinion necessary postings, the various parts of “Sanctuary City” will be the last in a series of fairly regular submissions. And thus, at this time I’ll say a heartfelt goodbye on behalf of myself, our mayor, Orlon, Rashon, and all those others who’ve come to know you via these posts. But, while it’s difficult to say farewell to friends, it’s also sad to remember bygone places, things and ways of life.
So, as I prepare to end here, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that may God forgive me if, in prior postings, I’ve failed to impress upon the Americans of today (and especially those of younger and mid-aged years) what a necessity it is that the U.S. secure its borders from foreign carpetbaggers soon. As someone who’s trying to live a good and fruitful life, and who believes one should work for one’s living rather than sneak into someone else’s territory and then attempt to live off the labors of the owners of that territory, aren’t you scared when you see pictures of the great masses gathering at your nation’s border? What will become of those people someday if they’re allowed to remain in the U.S.? Surely, they’ve already brought much disease, crime, poverty, and most likely hatred into your nation.
But today it seems that many legislators (especially those of a liberal nature) want to see how many bodies can be packed inside a nation before such packing causes either the death of those bodies, or the downfall of the entire nation, or both. And don’t believe your nation’s leaders when they say they can’t stop illegal immigration. A very high wall could be built along the nation’s southern border or, at least a strong military presence could be stationed across it. And then, should some still manage to enter illegally, they should be returned to their homelands, or incarcerated here upon their capture.
And, don’t be fooled by the failure of the recent political legislation which supposedly ended the immigration problem. That bill wouldn’t have satisfactorily addressed illegal immigration. It was actually designed to aid the Democratic Party’s effort in the upcoming presidential election. Also, remember this, if you really want to curb illegal immigration, do you appoint as the leader of the effort someone who shares an ethnicity with the violators?
But, all that’s been said here doesn’t negate our belief in legal immigration. We still support those who, for whatever reason, feel they would be more productive in a foreign land; that is, as long as they follow that nation’s immigration laws. And, before we end here, let’s emphasize how imperative it is that the U.S. elect a conservative president soon. Look around you. What do you see? What you see is mass shootings, and a general disregard for law and order here at home, and blatant violations of territorial and human rights abroad.

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