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Written By: Anonymous


Apparently the scammers prefer to
utilize an aggressive “no holds barred,”
“no frivolous, or honest introductions”
approach in their line of endeavor.
At least that’s what they’ve
told me. Thus, here and now,
within Three’s first stanza, I
must inform you that I’m only
writing what they tell me to.
And, as the poet “behind” these
words, I know not what
prompted them, or to
what their title refers.

And Three of Three Point
Nine M you’ll need to explain
yourself in three stanzas.
This is the scammers’ mandate,
despite the fact that you may
have many interpretations. But
to me your allusion to the fact
that three persons live
within one God affords
great comfort in a world
of dreadful sorrows and
time continually passing

And maybe, had many more
a belief in the realness
of an existence eternal,
there wouldn’t be so many
acts of terror perpetrated
against innocents in the
existence temporal


But isn’t time’s continual
passage highlighted in each
human’s existence?

And isn’t this especially
noticeable at points of
change in one’s life when
one actually begins to
become a different mortal?

And the phrase “begins to
become” as used in the
previous stanza is awkward
to be sure; yet I’m thinking
was utilized as a symbol
for the way in which points
of change, or stages in one’s
life are destined to occur

And at points of change, doesn’t
one invariably have no recourse
but to look first inward
at oneself, and then outward
to seek the help
of one’s God initially
and one’s friends secondarily?


Nine of Three
Point Nine M, just as
your namesake comrade Three
required three stanzas in its
presentation, so will you, for
propriety’s sake, require nine

Thus, here are offered
nine stanzas in
acceptance of time’s passage,
as stipulated by the poet.
He informing all who read this
of his having been warned that
he’s but a writer of the
whims of scammers

And the poet was likewise
warned that tales one
may hear or speak may
sometimes tail off and
denigrate the hearer or speaker

Still, perhaps it sometimes
bodes well for one to
share some of temptation’s
trifles, yet to not be
tainted by a touch of
timidity, derived perhaps
from a remainder of
guilt, tempered by the
knowledge that one didn’t
really know if one should
feel guilt or not

But isn’t it through one’s
outward roles that society
as a whole first comes to
know one? And wasn’t it
through supposedly verifiable
deeds that convention judged
one? And did it really matter
whether or not one had always
tried to say and do what
seemed to be necessary to
say and do just then?

But the poet has been
instructed to communicate
that Nine’s most enduring
wish is that praise be
granted to those who
routinely overcome odds great
and small in their effort
to remain productive

And thus, in a world
known to be constrained
by mistakes, lies, and evil
actions, who can really
refute the appropriateness
of Nine’s congratulatory note?

Oh, but with so many
proofs of that appropriateness
available, space limits the
poet to only that one which
Nine feels to be the
greatest of them all

And here’s Nine’s greatest
of them all: No matter how
far afield one may have
strayed, and no matter how
many years have passed,
can not one start all over again?


In these words the scammers
designate M as a MIRAGE,
and determine its message
as unfit in poetry

Thus will the real M
supposedly appear later
in a prose format; yet,
remember, the poet can’t promise
that as certain. This
poetic M may actually
convey the maximum meaning
that the thirteenth
letter may be capable
of messaging to the
masses in this medium; or,
will a different M appear
to represent an embodiment of
evil, and a desire to
continue a quest for
gain ill-gotten?

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