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Apart from your own work of course, lol. I've just started The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins late last night and am literally half a dozen pages into it so the jury's out yet on it.

Share what you're reading please, title and author. and what you think of the book (or books if you're reading more than one just now) so far! :) Who knows, we may all discover some new authors to add to our reading list. :)

And please, NO SPOILERS! Nothing worse than thinking a book sounds good only to hear the person give away the ending or a plot twist. 

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I'm 20 pages into Dan Brown's Inferno and hope I have enough time to get to the end before I forget the beginning! Reading time has been way, way down the list so far this year sadly.

Hi everyone, I try to read around 2 books a week, just finished The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt - long book and time consuming, but worth it! My goal is to be even half as good a writer as Ms. Tartt. Have started Wild Mind - Living the Writing Life by Natalie Goldberg. Reading her books always inspire me!

I'm working my way through the Booker prize shortlist of six. A trifle disappointing in that there are few characters in whom I can generate any interest. At least two of the books (maybe three) just shout 'look how clever I am' rather than engaging me in any story line or fascinating people. Still reading the winner (which after 100 pages looks like the judges got it right again) but commend Neel Mukherjee's 'Lives of Others' as a brave attempt a generational novel. I feel a bit guilty at criticising it as I wouldn't attempt such a difficult task. It really needs a Dickens or a Tolstoy, which Mukherjee isn't, even if he writes beautifully at times. The task just stretched him too far; there are probably three novels here compressed into one. I wanted to learn more about many of the characters but just as I got going with them the switch was made to another one. But do read it!


I just finished Gone Girl a week ago and am starting Dark Places this eve.

I've read almost all of the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books and will be picking up his newest one this week.

I saw someone posted about the Hunger Games - I read the series last summer and loved each one.

Last but not least, I try to read at a couple indie pub books each week also.


Diana Loera

Hi Viviana I also loved this book when I read it! So descriptive!!!

Viviana Arteaga said:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Really good!!

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