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I've seen some cracking good book covers being showcased by our new members and I'm nosy. :D So spill the beans and tell us all about it please! Who designed it, where the idea came from, etc., as much detail as you like. It would be interesting to know how what we see today came to life.


If you could add the picture of your cover too to your reply that would be helpful. :)



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When I searched for a cover for my first book, Sweet Nothings I knew exactly what I wanted. A silhouette of a man and woman both wearing suits. Everything the publishing company sent didn't come close to what I was looking for so I searched endlessly on my own. Eventually I turned to my daughter who majored in web design and she came up with the perfect cover within a day.

I came up with the concept and even took some photos for the cover. I created the middle version on Photoshop to stay motivated, but ultimately paid to have the cover professionally designed. I went with 99 and was very happy with the results. You can see the whole process here:

I always design my own covers. Initially I search the archives of the free Galleries and art foundations for a suitable picture then ask forpermission to use it. I have a blank of a book and then cut and paste it using Paint.

I am very pleased with the results and it has been reflectred in book sales.


I am proudest of my new book cover for An Orphan With A Destiny! eBook #29

The child on the cover is my best friend's granddaughter, taken by her mother just for this book.

No where on the web could I find a picture so powerful to match the content.

I have a great web-tech very reasonably priced who made the book cover and all my other book covers.

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