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I've seen some cracking good book covers being showcased by our new members and I'm nosy. :D So spill the beans and tell us all about it please! Who designed it, where the idea came from, etc., as much detail as you like. It would be interesting to know how what we see today came to life.


If you could add the picture of your cover too to your reply that would be helpful. :)



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my book cover features a pair of eyes looking through a dark blue opening. the eyes are two different colors, blue and brown, because the hero in my story has heterochromia iridium. these are the eyes of a friend of mine, who also happens to be a famous ballet dancer in the US. the title font mimics the markings on crates/wooden pallets and the blue part (that looks like wooden boards) has a prison superimposed over it, which are all elements that relate to the story. check for a picture of the cover.

When I am writing my book - pieces of the book important moments come to life in my book.  The cover of "My Blood Runs Blue" is about Officer Kristin Green who is torn between two men who enter her life after she starts investigating a homicide. One of the men is on the cover - along with Kristin. One of the scenes in the book is when she pulls over a Midnight Blue mustang that has been in her dreams - that car is on the cover - along with the lake that a scene of the book takes place at. 

I'm currently working on the cover of my next book. I got first concepts from my artist yesterday and they were totally wrong. So I have sent them back to the drawing board. That one has Officer Kristin Green again on the cover with another man and a bridge in the back ground. The bridge is the turn of the story.

As for myself, Me and my wife surf the royalty free clip art sites. There is some amazing art work out there, I search for what I feel makes an attention grabber as well as goes along with the theme of my book. Then we make some adjustments upload them to the tin plate and whala, Some of the clip art you might have to pay for depending on the quality of the work, the more professional looking art work requires a purchase, but it's well worth it. People just don't realize what great art work there is out there for very reasonable prices. And it's royalty free.
I might also add to look for the 500DPI art work as these load with a nice clear Image, anything less may appear a bit blurred. Not always you just have to experiment a little.

My book cover for "Spiritual/Biblical Psychology" was designed by myself and Dr. Cathryn Craig and the publisher, Xulon Press. Our aim was to somehow capture the idea graphically of the human spirit and mind in a Physics context. The scientific and Bible ideology actually support each other. Our quest was, how to provoke interest in this concept with a book cover.

I would be interested to know your opinion of our effort.


Dr. Jake - Can you post a picture of your cover here so we can see it?

Stacy Eaton said:
Dr. Jake - Can you post a picture of your cover here so we can see it?
Well, I tried to load the cover, unsuccessfully. I will try again with a different format.
Ok - if it won't post - give us a link to go look at it.

It is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian, and Xulon Press (publisher). I apologize for my ineptness. May God bless you,


PS, I really like your cover for "My Blood Runs Blue"!

Dr. Jake Wade said:

It is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian, and Xulon Press (publisher). I apologize for my ineptness. May God bless you,


Dr. Jake - I tried to search it on Xulon Press. Couldn't find it.  Family Christian doesn't have an image associated with it and the image on Amazon is very small hand hard to see.  I was going to put the link in here for you, but haven't found one that shows your image well enough.

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