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This is kind of a common question, but it's good to revisit it once in a while. The best thing is to steal other people's rituals. So what are your best rituals for writing? How do you get into it?

My two new rituals (as of June) are to make lists and to use a timer. Both are magic and the output increases.

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I change my environment as drastically as possible. I light a strong candle, let in natural light and have a huge plant nearby. Two outta three ain't bad either! It helps to feel somewhere else and draw on natural elements.

When we go on vacation we tend to seek out nature, beauty and peace. To set up your writing space in the same way will produce great things! Tara, it sounds like you are doing  this!

Great question, John! I don't have any rituals per say apart from perhaps timing. I prefer to write in the wee hours of the morning when everything's quiet. I can think much more clearly then. 

I like to listen to someone talk about writing: for example, I listen to the self-publishing podcast, or the Lovecraft Documentary on Crackle, or the Audio Book of Stephen King On Writing. It doesn't take much. Basically just something to get my pump primed and then I dive in. It does me no good to keep listening to anything, because all the characters I'm churning in the fiction machine talk too loudly.

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