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I have published two books: 25 Love Poems for Teens and Adults Loss of Grandma (children's book). Both books are available to download for $6.49. To download either books, please go to and write Ishmael Astree in the search box.


Then you will be asked to register. You must register to download the book. Second, your order information will be saved. Third, your attachment will be saved in your account, so you can log on/off to complete the book.


Four of the twenty-five poems, and the first four pages of the children's book are FREE.
Please go to (click on poetry and stories).



25 Love Poems for Teens and Adults Synopsis
When I was growing up girls at the age of seventeen spoke about their love life; and girls at the age of fifteen and sixteen were involved in non-serious relationships. As the world changed, people also changed. Today, girls at the age of thirteen are telling their friends they are in love. Do I believe them? I do believe in love at first sight. Could they be wrong? I wrote “Seed“ as a guidance to help a young lady determine rather or not she is in love with the guy. Understand, I am not trying to convince you that you are not in love. My goal is to help [you] as you search for your special one, and as you continue the journey with the love of your life.



About Loss of Grandma
The book is a children's biographical fiction book (but I believe in some way it can also be self-help). It is about a twelve year old, name Jessica, who lost her grandmother at a young age. She and her grandmother had a special relationship; and through this book she wants to comfort all the children who also loss their Grandma's. Also, she wants to remind them that although they are sad, they have a family who will give them hugs and kisses.

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Congratulations on your books, Ishmael. How about introducing yourself and saying something a bit more personal that's not a book synopsis? It would have been nice if you'd joined in the community and answered a few posts before posting this in numerous sections. Trust me, people don't like to buy from you if you don't even try to get to know them first and just copy/paste a sales pitch.

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