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Psychologists claim that a great story can't be spoiled. PISH POSH!

I completely disagree with that. If I told you the true identity of Archer in Fate/Stay Night, you would have me banished from the internet and from all literature circles because the reveal of it is a major plot point and it really ruins the suspense of it.

Then again, you get stories like Body Rides by Richard Laymond where the plot is actually nothing special. I can tell you everyone that dies and only one of them had any major relevance to advancing the plot. It's still a fantastic read and was one of the first (maybe -the- first) full length book I read.

Still, I completely disagree with it. Knowing what's going to happen before you get to it can really screw up your perceptions of a book.

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I really agree! I have a friend who makes her living spoiling books! And despite the fact that what I was going to read was just manga, she revealed a large secret of one of the biggest characters! I haven't even read it yet and now it's ruined! >:(

That won't stop me from reading it of course...

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