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Who are the paranormal authors on here?  Please say hello.  Tell us a bit about what aspects of the paranormal you write about.  What made you write about the paranormal and what titles do you have in that genre.



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No, I missed him, thanks! Blimey, with all these books to read I will never have time to write. I actually had to renew some library books today, that never used to happen to me. Once upon a time I could easily read 4 or 5 books in a week. Now I'm lucky if I read one in a month!
Hello everyone! I am an author of non-fiction, but my heart is where the romance is :). So, I am currently trying my hand with a time-travel romance (sensuous genre) because I have a love of history, science, and happily ever after. I hope (crossing fingers and toes), to have it completed by Halloween 2011 and submitted then. I look forward to chatting with you! ~M
Welcome Monua. Look forward to chatting with you too.
Monua - Welcome thanks for joining us!
Nice to meet you Monua!
I am working on a book that I classify as Catholic Fantasy. It involves spiritual warfare, angels and demons. It is about 40% done. I hope to finish the rough draft by New Years. I have basically taken what the Catholic church teaches, I am Catholic, and put it on steroids. So far so go. The working title is Warrior's World.
"Warrior's World" - I think you might hit a target that's kinda off the mark. I think you should choose a title that's a little closer to the mark. Just my take, now. I'm not Catholic, but wouldn't 'Templar's (something)' be a little closer? Or maybe you know a better word. Do you see what I'm getting at? Without a cover to look at, I'll read that title and think something Vietnam or WWII oriented, or even our more recent wars.
Dennis - I read this sentence and couldn't help but laugh!  Put it on Steroids - that is great!
I have basically taken what the Catholic church teaches, I am Catholic, and put it on steroids.
That sounds rather interesting, Catholic teachings on steroids!
The Catholic Faith states explicitly that our Church is composed of the Church Triumphant, those in heaven, the Church Suffering, those in Purgatory and those on earth, The Church Militant, hence Warrior's World.
Mariah - thank you for the giggle this morning!!! "Out of the package"  lmao!!!

Mariah de la Croix said:
Hello Catherine.  I totally understand about the delicate stomach thing there.  To this day, there are certain things that I will never cook or eat again; I've seen too many things "out of the package", so to speak. 

Catherine Green said:
Hello! Ooh yes that will be an extremely interesting book to read I am sure! Had I been of a stonger constitution I would have worked with the dead, but my delicate stomach just cannot take the heat (or cold!). So I settle for working with Spirit instead, which is much more exciting and I can do it anywhere, even at home...
Hmm, yes, that was my worry. More so after reading the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton. Her graphic descriptions of crime scenes alone were enough to turn my stomach!


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