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Our origins --- Where do you and your family come from?

Yup, the name is Irish, though I am three generations removed, still I have some Irish traits, not the least of which is enjoying a good yarn. The blood is well mixed, with German, English, Mongolian and Irish, I guess that makes me a man of the world, lol...

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Hey, that's quite a mix!

Its great to be busy, but never loss sight of who you really are.

C. A. Lofton said:


 Hi Sean,


I am an African-American with Native American,French and European roots. After four(4) gernerations the African roots have not been traceable. But the British line has been traced as far back as Geoff. Chaucer. Currently, I have family members who now reside in both London and Canada.  Although I am overwhelmed with writing and promotion projects, I plan to do a DNA test soon to see if all the genealogy searches are true.

Surely let me know when u come :D :D... i would love to meet authors from different places ^.^

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