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Written By: George Jennifer (Part One) and F. John Surells (Part Two)


It is with some sadness that I inform you that this forum’s December posting will be the last in what had been a rather continuous unleashing of prosaic and poetic endearments and tirades. My superiors have informed me that in the future only sporadic discourses will appear here. In other words, the people of my city will only be allowed to share thoughts here when it is deemed absolutely necessary to do so.
And I’m sure I’ve previously told you that being the mayor of a city in which strange and unexplainable events can occur can sometimes be a stressful and worrisome undertaking. Yet, during my years as this city’s chief executive, my greatest inspiration has come from what my mayoral predecessor told me on the day of my oath taking. He said “George, remember, your primary dedication as mayor of this singularly exclusive city must always be to matters outside of it. That is, your greatest mission here is the smooth transition of each just elapsed second into the annals of history.”
And thus, following Ralph’s advice, I’ve decided to add this introductory disclosure (Part One) to F. John’s Part Two. And I’ve been made aware of the fact that in November Co Vet will attempt for a second time to indoctrinate our readership. And strangely, much of what he says is true, yet of course we can never allow him physical entrance to our city. And I’ve also learned that the December posting will be a joint effort of the three writers who’ve shown themselves to be (in my opinion) this city’s best: Rashon Leyf, F. John Surells, and Orlon Braem.
So, let me say a quick goodbye now to all the people who’ve been influenced by, or indeed have influenced this forum. The people of this city shall never forget you. But, as I said earlier, maybe we’ll contact you again on a sporadic basis. Thus, once again, goodbye, and I’ll remember you in my prayers; please do the same for me.

With love and respect,

Mayor George


Sometimes modern man becomes Multi Man in a conflux of laws and restrictions. Yet, already here and now we may have angered or alienated some by stating that the term Multi Man refers to both sexes. But do we admit there may be more than two sexes? No. In our sphere of actual time we hold only two, male and female, to be real. Still, we know there are others who say we’re incorrect in that analysis. Nonetheless, we say the same back to them!
And, to assure that he (or she) properly executes every aspect of his (or her) life, no matter how large or small each aspect may be, Multi Man is advised in advance of the corresponding correct path associated with each of those aspects. But, because the reality of earthly life demands many decisions be made, and “walks of life” be followed, Multi Man finds himself (or herself) attempting to navigate several correct paths all at once. Yes, several individual functions and roles must be simultaneously fulfilled. And it is from mankind’s efforts to rightfully walk upon all intersecting roadways that separate individuals accrue the title Multi Man. And the life of the multifaceted man becomes a synthesis of all the factors derived from his attempts to follow what he determines to be correctness.
But doesn’t Multi Man have some personal wants and desires? Though he’s told that he’s free, sometimes perhaps he wonders what the term “free” really means. An education in necessity and civility shows him the guidelines over which he should not step – and that’s a good thing, not a bad one. But how often does the Multi Man become entangled in those very guidelines, finding himself wrapped around by them, so that his movements and actions are often kept “at bay”?
Nevertheless, the mind of course cannot be kept at bay for long. Yes, it can be indoctrinated, but no one yet has found the ability to see within it to the thoughts it generates. And how powerful those thoughts can be! And while they are the products of the mind, they guide the heart and soul. And, unlike the shell of the body that contains them, they are free to walk naked out into the sunshine of modern days. Still, if they’re verbalized, they then become exposed to the constraints of status.
But you’re welcome for the philosophy lesson. And I’m sure many “p” people i.e. psychologists, psychoanalysts, professors etc. would take issue with at least some part of it. And again, that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good one, because every time some sort of discourse about the “make up” of the human being takes place, another chance to understand mankind better is unveiled.
Only those who are reaching backward into the various types of history i.e. factual, educational, political, religious, etc. in an attempt to alter the significance of actual past events, are the real tyrants of mankind. And they’re doing so, of course, to further their own particular agendas; but they also realize that a lot more truth is hidden in those past events than has ever been revealed.
And the singularly monumental problem faced by all who would attempt to mold society is, of course, the more that is said and written about change, the less change that actually occurs. If pushed too far, and forced to abdicate too many freedoms for the sake of being correct within the mindset of an insolent few, the majority will revolt; thankfully not often militarily, but socially and politically at least.
And isn’t it a cliché to say that Multi Man lives in a wicked world? And as he grows older amidst the wrongfulness around him, is he to be constrained by those who “felt” or “discovered” that to do things in certain fashions must certainly have been the proper ways? Oh, he’s thought of this so often! And, yet again, all he can do is leave it to each mortal to find his or her own answer to the question of what constitutes right living.
But does Multi Man feel strongly that it wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that those who continually attempt to stymie the ideas and creativity of those they’ve come to judge as “dangerous” or “irrelevant”, are often only struggling to maintain their own “protected fiefdoms” wherein all they do, say, and write is always considered worthy and good, while all the deeds and spoken and/or written words of the “outsiders” are constantly subdued? Well, the previous rather long question wasn’t meant as an exercise in self-pity; although that’s a phenomenon which some believe is a significant trait possessed by many.
And personally, sometimes I feel as though some sort of figurative door has been opened before me. But I need not enter through it to see what significance lies behind it. And there’s a large glimpse of the past there. Yet, I feel there’s a possibility there as well. There’s a chance there for mortals such as myself to finally achieve some sort of synthesis between all that’s already occurred, all that’s occurring now, and all that still may someday happen. And I feel I must possess (either intuitively or through the acquisition of knowledge) the capability to first achieve that synthesis, and then to learn from it, and then to live my life in days and years to come based upon what I’ve then realized through that mental melding of time spans,
And then it occurs to me that just now I’ve finally comprehended the process by which modern man becomes Multi Man. And, it also occurs to me how significant such an acquisition of knowledge is in each mortal’s life. And indeed, I understand now that those who never achieve this realization are those who remain students of life’s highway all their lives.

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