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Greetings!! Tis Betty again. I bet you all thought I forgotten about this darling website. I've missed you all so very much. I have been so spastically busy.  My writing still thrives on though! I am here because I wish to put up a scene from a book series I am working on. It is a supernatural superhero kind of twisted tale of a Goth girl whose life was drenched in death and bitten by a bat from hell she is condemned a demon. Thrown into the bridge between our world and the afterlife she unveils the scheme of the coming rapture. Though only half demon she fights to save the souls of the dead from the demons who feast upon them all the while fighting her own derangement. With the rapture rising on earth she is left to defend the world she hates and to slaughter the seven deadly sins to reach the king of the damned, the reaper who owns a secret of his own. This series I planned to be as long as seven books. I shall post one scene here of her transformation... a rough draft if you will... I hope you enjoy and as always happy reading. (Btw the pic to the left is a drawing I drew to portray the main character lol)



MALICE: Hell's Bite


My story begins with a cruel twist of fate, an ugly bite, everlasting pain and a murder of a single human. That is to say me. I was no longer Britney, but a creature, a demon, capable of destruction and despair. Nothing but a freshly spawned whore of Satan. I didn't understand this red ambiance that ate away at my once simple world. I didn't understand the gushing ad redline that rushed up my veins like a mad tide begging for bloodshed. The urge in the core of my being to kill. To destroy. To devour. I couldn’t take it. My very soul screeching to escape the plague of hideous desires that clawed away at me.

The blood in my veins grew hot. A rapid flow that bubbled beneath my skin, achingly hot that as it intensified I felt my blood was actually boiling. I screeched in agony, clawing away at my own skin, my nails grinding my flesh, shredding the skin in vain thrived on by the hope of alleviating the sudden agony. Unable to rid myself of it, my body crumpled to a heap. The pain horrific enough that I was but a whimpering spastic mess upon the cathedral floor.  And through it all, through my cries that ascended up the dirty walls of the cathedral, I heard the very sound of ripping. The very shifting of my bones and the splintering of my bones ripping through my back, my blood drenching me, acid hot.  My scream long and harrowing. My top but shredded remains of a fishnet shirt falling upon my lap.  The heat of my blood no longer cringing my senses, it was the crunching of my bones internally that caused me to wheeze for breath.

I attempted to open my eyes, to my horror all I could manage was a squint beneath my unbearable pain. My vision blurred and in a distinct hue of ruby portrayed the world around me in a haze of a shaky red, outlined in a silhouette of a disturbing black. Blinking distraught, the world remained this wretched red. It was at this point my tears ran rapid.  I wiped them away as fast as I could, disliking the very pitiful act they portrayed, demanding to myself not to be swallowed up. But this world remained this disgusting sight, the veil of ruby enwrapping my sight. As I had wiped my cheeks, my nails tea red into my flesh. Disbelief and pain stunned me and with a trembling gaze I lifted my hands up to my face. The frightening features of my nails left me in a state of the darkest despair. My black nails vividly long and resembling the talons of an eagle, glistening with my blood. Before I could even stabilize what was happening to me I was screaming. My screech condemned by the sudden pain of my bones ripping through my back, unleashing crippled webbed wings drenched in my blood. They fell over my shoulders, matting me in blood. The skin a malformed transparent and a brick red. They expanded with sick crunching at full height. Before falling from my exhaustion, my bones weak and traumatized by the pain that cloaked me in blood.

I laid a crippled mess. My gaze lifting with heavy labor to stare at the little ruby eyes beast that condemned me. Wrapped up snug in a tight cocoon, he hung by the cross of the lord, watching me in return with a cold eye. Studying me...

My mind spinning as my tears collided with the blood on my cheeks. My gaze blurred by despair, rolled to the gossamer veiled wings that tremored to move. I realized they were the wings of a bat and with a spastic gaze I darted my wild eyes to the bat that had damned me. His gaze remained calm and stone-faced, watching me with its malformed face and ugly fanged smile. Soaked with blood, I laid there...

My body cringing chronically and my lips trembling to speak but all that would seep out was the oozing of my hot blood. On the verge of unconsciencous, the pain kept my mind dormant.  Trembling in a spastic crawl, I clung to my sanity, dragging my broken body to the bath of holy water, wheezing and choking on breath as I dragged my exasperated battered body, my blood streaking the floor. My body cringing from the agony of my continuous pain and from the uncertain horror of what I'd see in my reflection. I stumbled up to my feet, my wings heavy weighed my weak body down, and I teetered vulnerably. The Bat suddenly screeching up above me and flapping his wings hectically in fury. Terrified, I fled wobbly to the bath, slipping on my blood, my feet gave out beneath me and I fell with a sick splash. 

                  The agony took me off guard and I wailed in horrific anguish, my scream piercing the silent air with a chilling echo that did not at all disturb the wicked monster that hung above me, scrutinizing me cruelly. Instead of the cold comforting emerald water I expected, I was welcomed by a treacherous liquid that resembled the fiery sensation of acid. I screeched, throwing myself away from the water in complete harrowing derangement. Crawling away from the spill of water that mocked me. Clutching my face with precarious hands, my long claws threatening to slice my skin, my body spastically still burning I ripped the last of my clothes away. The soaked fabric searing my vulnerable skin. Half naked, I laid there, my wings wrapping around me in a cold pathetic embrace that ensnared the horrid agony of the holy water and reduced its dwindling flame. My very skin throbbing and recoiling at the very press of still air. Whimpering in silent agony I could nothing but cry.  As I fought to regain my mind, an ugly shriek caused me to lift my fidgety gaze. The large ebony bat swooping in and landing just upon the edge of the bath. Hissing at me with a mouth full of disgusting yellow teeth as he bundled his wings close. I shrank away, not helping to beneath the fangs that damned me. He hissed at me again, flapping his wings and boasted for me to come closer, His glare pressing and demanding. 

Cowering like a child, half deranged out of my mind, I inched closer...

Slowly and cautiously creeping closer to the edge of the bath, the water no longer that beautiful, glistening, blessed clear but infected by my tarnished red sight. The very virgin water resembling blood. But indeed with a quivering, tear blurred gaze and heaving strained breath, I caught sight of my face. My human features still stained in my Goth makeup, streaking my cheeks and horribly adding to the demonic countenance I now owned.

Staring back at me was a creature. A creature that no longer resembled the tainted youth of the Britney Peirce I knew. Nothing but a spawn of a wicked demon only capable of Malice.

Thanks for reading! please leave me a comment of what you think?


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I truly enjoyed it Betty, such detail and description, with regards to your main character, I could visualize her in my minds eye, I could see her clothing being torn and pulled away from her. I could smell the blood, the large bat closing in his eye's glued to you, watching anticipating your every move. Hot and exciting I love it.


I loved the way you described her transformation into the demonic being, what she was feeling, the pain and torture she was experiencing, Great detail it was as if I was literally right there with her.

Awwwwwwww I love you so much garry! love you love you! You are my only blessing. :) 

God I love the way you go into such indepth description of your character's suffering, you can actually feel her pain, taste the blood in your mouth, as she rips at her flesh in agony during the transformation. You my little Goth lady have real talent with regards to your writing. You will go far. I need to work on that, character description, I like to pour emotions into my characters, as I want them to come alive on paper, the way you make your characters do, that is a real talent, one that you most certainly have. You go my little Goth girl. I wish I had half the talent in writing that you have, your very gifted Betty.

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