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I don't write, cat't spell, but the story I have is better than "CATCH ME IF YOY CAN" I was only ten when  started. No I am not a gangbanger,  was raised very well in northern CAL. But I have helped to change the banks and the way your money is kept safe. I did bank kitting but thats not all (like I said that movie does not even start to tell my story) ask the Feds and four other state prisons. I am not a writer but am looking for a good one.

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Might be able to help you out

What are you exactly asking for, a ghost writer?

I've published two print books, 30 ebooks, and edited a number of books for others. I have the experience, however, I'm not interested in ghost writing. We do this, I get cover credit, as told to... or with, or however else you care to word it, equal size to your name, or pseudonym. I'll put in the work, but any costs are yours.

This story is VERY VERY Fictional, 100% true just need someone to write it. I tried to write a story once and they made a movie of it, but this is real, I started bank kitting when I was 10 yrs......

Hey he only stold checks and flew around(I ment the movie), I made the real changes..... Is there a real person that is wiling to tell a great true story ( ALL CAN BE VERY PROVEN)???????????????

Fiction, unlike life, must be believable.

trust me it is real, but the way you ack I am not very trusting.  I have alt to tell but the way you say it, CAN'T BE TRUSTED, cool copy wright...

Kenneth, can you please answer Kemy's question? Are you looking for a ghostwriter was the question. That's someone that can write your story for you and when the book's published it will bear your name only as the author. Is that what you want?

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