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Interpretations Of M Part Two: Meet Me When School Is Ended

Written By: Myron Moulders

I’ve been a resident of “the city” for many years, and I’ve likewise been a follower of this blog since its inception. I live on the north side of the city, in its so-called “artistic enclave.” And I’ve always felt that the creative type people we have living in our particular area of the city might have been called upon to express themselves in this forum more often than they have. Yet, of course who writes here is not for me to decide. Otherworldly entities, in association with Mayor George Jennifer, determine this forum’s monthly contributors.
Nonetheless, I was asked (and yes, the mayor told me a major part of my being selected was the fact that both my first and last names begin with M) to write the second part of the M interpretations; with the mayor himself of course having written the first. And I’m in agreement with him that ME and MY are M’s most important references; after all, if one can’t love, and take care of oneself, how can he or she hope to do so with others?
Still, in all honesty, I’ve noticed that in times of upcoming political elections (such as now) the Democratic Party attempts to fool potential voters by telling them its candidates are seeking to achieve strong economic growth, as well as domestic and international tranquility when, in reality its candidates are the culprits who’ve caused those issues to become problems to begin with. Oh, yes their leaders may rant in front of national monuments, but their attempts to blame the Republican Party for Democratic failures will end in failure.
Rest assured, any political candidates who support taxpayer funding of the desires of illegal aliens are not helping the American working class. Spending large sums of money for people who are not Americans, but who are living in America, drains resources from American citizens. And as far as taxing corporations is concerned, everyone should be able to surmise that increased taxes placed upon them by government will simply cause those entities to raise the prices of their goods and services. Also, is requiring the public to compensate for unpaid student loan debt really a good idea? Won’t that requirement be just another burden placed upon taxpayers?
And, in a no doubt related scenario, lately it seems as though leftists, radicals, and many members of the Democratic Party are advocating for the raiding of private residences. Don’t you think that if they can enter the home of an ex-president, they can enter yours just as well – and with no hindrance from accommodating bureaucrats and magistrates who are supposed to be protecting all (rich and poor) American citizens, but who, most likely, are in reality only carrying out the whims of the Democratic Party?
But then, of course Democrats like to use the financial states of the Republican party’s candidates against them. After all, if a conservative is fairly well-off he or she must be a racist, and a hater of mankind. Right? Yet, what political rule applies when it’s learned that many Democrats are very wealthy as well?
And MONEY of course is a big M. And of course we’ve learned all the clichés that apply to it. One has to have enough of it. It can’t buy one love. One can’t take it with one upon one’s death. Loving it exposes one to the very root of evil, etc. But here’s one that liberals don’t like to hear about: Leftists like to denounce anyone who’s accumulated wealth through hard work, but if those radicals can get hold of some cash without needing to do any type of work, they’ll grab all they can.
But now I want to move on from the ramifications of mistaken leftist viewpoints, and submit for consideration a universal MAYBE. Maybe (hopefully) many members of society are now casting questioning eyes and ears toward all they’re seeing and hearing concerning supposed racists and haters. And maybe now common man and common woman will free themselves from the blame heaped upon them by leftists. Just because someone was successful in his or her life doesn’t automatically mean he or she then aided in the suppression of poor people and supposedly needy immigrants and migrants. And maybe it’s time to start honoring those who worked and supported themselves during their lifetimes.
Oh, but I fear (though it’s politically incorrect to say so) that most of humanity’s problems stem from carelessness, and a lack of caring about being responsible for one’s own self. Too many people are seeking a “good time” only. Thus, they don’t care if they produce offspring they’ll not be able to support. And then such actually unwanted offspring are sent out into the world where they’ll most likely become criminals and/or spreaders of disease and drug abuse. And some will wander aimlessly about in society, jostled between diverse political, social, economic, and religious isms. And some apparently won’t even be able to “come to grips” with their actual sexualities. And for them, what they’ll consider to be proper pronoun usage will evidently be life’s greatest goal.
But nowhere is the problem of current American life more noticeable than in its school systems. There, students attend classes in fear of becoming victims of mass murder, as well as being indoctrinated with far left-wing political propaganda.
And, given the truth of the just now described scenario, is it really any wonder that in MANHATTAN certain intellectuals (are they really?) dislike writers who wax too philosophical in written pieces? And, while I’m sure they wouldn’t attempt to stab any writers while they’re giving a lecture, they would ask writers to supply them with simple words for the masses. “Simplicity rakes in profits, and profits come in handy” say they. “And, oh God is there any better plot than the one in which the billionaire falls for the high school or college dropout?”
But, no matter whether an era sought intellectual and creative advancement (such as the Renaissance), or whether it strove for the “dumbing down” and left-wing radicalization of the masses (such as today), let’s allow M to slip into the MILLENIUMS of elapsed, and yet to be elapsed time. And there it will generate MEMORIES.
Yes, those lasting memories! And yes, whether claimed as group oriented or not, all of them will remain forever personal. And the four presented for consideration here today will involve either visitors to, or residents of my city. And I’ll present those reminiscences in the chronological order of their actual occurrence.
First, I want to mention a conversation I had recently with a friend of our city who visits us here from time to time. “I’m very scared about my Midwestern state’s upcoming U.S. senatorial election” he said. "The Democratic candidate there is a near-Communist who advocates for every crackpot leftist viewpoint currently known. And there is an effort now to promote this candidate as caring about the problems of all the state’s residents, while only the concerns of the large cities in the southern part of this state are really cared about by him. And God I pray this radical doesn’t enter the U.S. Senate!”
Secondly, I once met a prodigal who’d asked his father for an early inheritance. And then he’d apparently squandered it along the roadways of destitution. And he told me that on his journey he’d met many actors and reactors. But he said that in his experience most of the actors had been con rather than real artists; and most of the reactors had been followers of what they believed to be a “status-quo,” yet they feared that someday all they’d worked to accomplish and acquire would be confiscated by political leftists and so-called “commoners” living in lands which they really weren’t citizens of.
And one day I met a lady who’d tried to portray the Biblical character Lot’s wife at a masquerade party. “Wasn’t she turned into a pillar of salt?” I asked of her would be portrayer.
“Yes” replied the party goer. “Many years ago Lot’s wife looked back at Sodom’s destruction, and became solidified into a structure of salt. But unfortunately for me, after the masquerade was over, although I was able to shed the ‘salt pillar’ uniform I wore to it, I couldn’t ‘shake’ a sort of (and I don’t really know how to explain this) ‘saltiness’ that then seemed to pervade my personality. I became very angry and quick tempered at that time, but fortunately was able to, within only a few days, undergo a desalination operation, which is not to be confused with de-Stalinization which occurred in a distant land some years ago.”
“Where in the city do you live?” I asked.
“I live on Straight Street” she replied.
A long time ago, when I was in high school, I had a girlfriend who’s long since moved away from the city. I think she’s happily married now, at least she was the last time I heard anything about her. But she and I used to “hang out” in the city. And we had many dates then. Still, my most lasting memory of her is when she’d always tell me to meet her after school so we could decide what we were going to do together that evening (if anything), and of course what we had planned for the upcoming weekend.

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