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Written By: George Jennifer

Many may misconstrue my meanings. But man who leads the free world, will you emerge from your hiding place today? And if you do, from behind your sunglasses will you be able to see the truth of life as it exists just now? Already, in anticipation of upcoming elections, many lessers in your political party are beginning to spread their messages of hate and vitriol via various media formats. But, if you should stumble upon a certain phrase or grouping of words which really seems to “sock it to” people with whom you disagree, then by all means be sure to repeat that line in front of your allies in the news media. After all, they seem capable of only replicating certain phrases. For them it must be too much mental work to try to express something in their own words. Oh, and I hope you can grant me forgiveness for needing more than one disclosure to document my and your M.
Well, I guess just as N must follow M, so do I have no alternative but to obey the mandate of those who have apparently instituted the so-called Scam Poems. And they said the M portion of the last of those (Poem Three Point Nine M) was too unpoetic for free verse. Thus, they directed the prose presentation of it. And, they instructed me to write it.
And in my contemplation of M, I imagine it as “multi – meaning.” That is to say, I’m free today – free to marvel about the many musings of M. But most likely not only my, but everyone’s interpretations of M would begin and end with ME. And that’s because, despite much talk about “coming together” and “becoming a part of the ‘universal whole,’” does not every mortal ultimately face all dilemmas as an individual? In other words, is not eventually (and especially on one’s day of judgement), the ME of M of more importance than MANY?
And wouldn’t one expect that for most of mankind the ME segment of M would begin with the childhood years of that majority of mortals? After all, wasn’t that the span of time in which that majority first learned of the magnitude of life itself? And wasn’t that when it initially codified rules of conduct to facilitate hopefully peaceful co-existence? But yes, wasn’t that also when the separate members of that majority first came to know themselves as individuals? And didn’t those individuals then begin to wonder about who and what they’d someday become?
But of course I don’t know the types of upbringings which you who’ll read this may have had; yet, I do know this: Whatever type it was, it guided you as a child, and it set a “stage” for you to perform upon for the remainder of your mortal years. And sure, anyone can say “Don’t look back. Those days are gone. You’re an adult now, you can make your life what you wish it to be.” However, who or what can fully negate any form of damage one may have accrued as the result of a childhood which left one unprepared to face the realities of adulthood?
But then again, that’s not to say that fate (or more likely a divine force) might not someday intervene in the course of anyone’s “everydays.” I know that was the case in my life. To be truthful, I was a nobody for most of my years; and yet, then one day I was more or less “called upon” to assume the mayoral duties of what certainly is Earth’s strangest city.
And today, as always, my thoughts and actions are many and varied. Yet my contemplation is dominated by my appreciation for one of the few pieces of advice I received from this city’s former mayor Ralph Hawk. He said “Don’t try to assert yourself too much into the results of occurrences and matters which you’ll not be able to believe or understand. This city exists, I was told by otherworldly entities, to prove mankind’s subservience to all it will never know, as well as all it knows, but doesn’t correctly comprehend.” And thus I’ve accepted my role as mayor to have a dual responsibility. I’m a “watcher” of events unexplainable, but also a leader in the cause of all that’s expected; that is, all the tasks common to all other mayors across The United States. And I respond to the common as I see fit, but to the uncommon as exemplifies my fidelity to masters of other realities. And those masters have asked me to write the prose interpretation of the M section of The Scam Poems which were anonymously (to you and I, but not to them – “the controllers”) published here recently. Yes, they’ve asked me to interpret M, but they’ve given me no guidelines to do so. Thus, my observations concerning M are my own.
And I’ve said ME is unmistakably M’s foremost representation. But MANY is its second of importance. And that’s because as I just revealed concerning my own current thoughts and actions – they’re many and varied. And as they pass, they form a continuance which momentously slips from the present into the past, there to influence the future.
And MANY’s definition references its multiple speculations. But except for one (the fact that our universe has but one supreme eternal Master, yet many that are lesser and temporal), most of those are usually subjected to guesses, rumors, cross-examinations, retellings, and no doubt various other verbal devices and abuses which then sometimes cast doubt upon their supposed truths and knowledge. And, who can even know how, why, or if certain events actually occurred; or if they occurred as we’ve been prompted to believe they did, or if they really contained the significance, insights, or importance which are often ascribed them?
And so it is that the conjectures concerning M continue. And no doubt not everyone holds them in common. But one has recently been granted basically uniform believability: Those who seek the very real and immediate impacts of definition see M as representing the MISTAKE America made when it mandated as its magistrate a man of many failings. And thus now the so-called land of free and home of brave has little else but high prices, shortages of products and workers, spreading diseases, maniacs and murderers killing innocents both inside and outside its borders – borders which it apparently can’t stop from being dishonored, etc.
And if there is only one thing Americans can be sure of in the future it’s this: The failure of the U.S. to stop massive numbers of illegal entrees into its territory will eventually doom its freedoms and current way of life. And certainly the certainty of that last statement is proven by recent events in Eastern Europe. There, a large and powerful bullying nation is today attempting to seize some or all of one its neighbor’s territory. And that action has a dual negative effect for the rest of humankind. Not only will conquered areas be incorporated into the bully’s landmass, but those innocents who once lived in those seized areas will then become “wards” of other nations, just as many so-called refugees are today being implanted in the U.S. by nations to its south.
But interestingly the liberal political party plods onward with its lies and re-interpretations. And here are two examples which may not, and indeed should not “sit well” with most Americans. ONE: While it seemed that the Supreme Court might be their ally, liberals sought to “pack” it with left-wingers. But suddenly now, in the wake of its delivering what those liberals determine to be a significantly unfavorable decision, radicals are calling for the legislative branch of government to curb the powers of the judicial branch. And TWO: Hopefully everyone, regardless of political belief, understands and denounces the savagery and tragedy of recent mass-murders. But, in some of those, the actions of the police have been called into question. “Protective forces” may not have acted correctly in some of those shootings. Yet, at least today America still has defenders to offer resistance to maniacal murderers. Have we as a nation already forgotten how recently left-wing radicals were calling for the defunding and disbanding of various police forces? And also, in this day and age of high prices, insecure borders, and terrorist actions, should the Congress of the United States really be spending its time debating a riot which occurred one and a half years ago?

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