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Hi dear friends ( let me call you intelligent writers),

Don't take it as a childish thread. I'm from god's own country. Traditionally (not right now) we people do believe in dreams ( my grandma says they come true if we see the dream early in the morning ). Unfortunately am far far away from my family or I could run to my grandma and could ask the meaning of the dream.

Let me come to the details. I was having a very nice -intimate-sensitive- friend in ma college. Before one year we finished studies and she went back her home. It didn't make me feel much. But now a days some times when am alone I remember her ( I doubt its haunting me). Am not sure why. Yesterday I had a dream. She is having black long hair actually. Let me share my dream. "There was some functions going on my college ( I guess so) the small garden was beautifully arranged for the function. I could find all my PG class mates there. But they didn't give attention towards me. They didn't mind me there. I searched for 'the friend'. She was not there. Suddenly I saw a girl with brown - harden hair. Her long hair was dancing in the wind and it was flying in all the directions around her head. To my shock that was 'my beloved friend'. She didn't notice me and came inside the function area, all in a sudden she disappeared and I could see a small red spot in the ground which was moving here and there. I still remember I was crying out loudly and was running after the red moving spot ( it was like spreading its blood ) thinking that's 'my friend'."

I still feel very bad. It's early morning here. Even now when am writing this - my laptop and me myself - under the bed sheet. Please don't think that am Crazy - Because am not.

Thanks for your time reading this. One humble request is please do share what you think, don't go away letting me here as the same. Thanks.. Have a very nice day!!.

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Well, I think it's love. Maybe you love her and just don't know it. I think it means you're afraid she'll find someone else or die without ever seeing you again. Maybe even if you don't actually want to date her, just visit her at her home. Maybe she's wanting to see you too!
I have to agree with Callie: Maybe you're afraid she'll grow old, meet someone else and pass on without seeing you again. Unfortunately that's the only thing that popped into my head upon reading this, but there could be other meanings to it. Whether this is what it means or not, I wish you luck.
I wish I could tell my dreams to people, but there a little... crazy, for lack of a better word, lol.
I'm interested in dreams myself. :)

The hair part is almost literal. You see her hair flying in all directions, untamed and being blown wildly by the wind. This has to do with her freeing of herself and her spirit to do as she wishes, unhindered by rules and influences. She has changed into someone you didn't recognize initially because she is letting her hair down. :)

Blood can symbolize energy. After all, it's our life force and what keeps us functioning day to day. To see her disappear, leaving only a small pool of blood - well, loss of blood = loss of energetic form. I think you're missing the vitality that she brought to your relationship but unwilling to admit that on a conscious level. You're feeling the loss of this relationship/friendship.

Friendships come and go. I think you are beginning to walk a path of acceptance. You know deep down that this one is almost at a point of closure and things between you will never be the same. Even so, you will always have that little part of her, no matter how much she changes, to remind you she was your friend. She has let her hair down, found her own way forward and taken her vibrancy with her, leaving only a little of that energy behind in your memories to remind you of what she brought to your relationship. It's not a bad dream, but one of the acceptance of change.

That's my two cents anyway. Take it or leave it. :)
Dear friends,

many thanks for your replies. But the confusion ( my worries too ) is growing. After the dream yesterday morning I tried to call her to her land line. Some one attended the call and answered me in an odd way. While asking where is she - I heard his murmuring, though it was not clear he was saying 'go and ask her' or something like that, I'm not sure. I tried her cell number several times. She is not attending the call. I'm a bit scared. Don't know what's wrong. Though am telling myself nothing is there to worry, I feel bad sometimes.

Yes, I was in love with her, when I saw her for the first time in college. But many of her activities, behaviors etc was not acceptable to my mind. So I changed my mind and still am not in love with her. I think he just more than a friend to me. Am not sure, am confused. Sorry, I don't know what to write.

Mervik, does she have your number that she can call you if she wishes? If so I would leave things as they are unless you want to come across like a stalker. With it being a male that answered, it was probably a boyfriend or father, and both are generally suspicious of calls from men they don't know to their girls. I would leave it alone for now. You've left the message and she knows how to get hold of you if she wants to.

You say you couldn't accept her activities and behaviors. If you're looking for a reason as to why it's ending, that will be it. No one likes being judged. Honestly? I think she doesn't want anything else to do with you anymore and that's why she's not keeping in touch.

You asked us to share what we think and I'm doing so. You didn't comment on what Kay said. I don't think you liked what the interpretation reveals. My gut tells me that you're not ready to accept this friendship as being over nor that the relationship's changed. Given that additional information you just added about how you feel about her activities, I think the interpretation is right on target. She's doing what she wants and will whether you like it or not. My advice to you is to move on Mervik, and find some new friends apart from this girl. Sometimes the loving thing to do for someone is let them go get on with their lives.

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