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Written By: Marshall Lawe

It’s with a mind filled with questions that I, Marshall Lawe, am today attempting, for the first time to put private words into public print. And although I’m still a fairly young man, those mindful questions set my thoughts loosely fluttering – wondering back many years ago – and in some cases to long before my birth. And I find realizations forming. And I’m wondering why it’s the wrongs both personal and group-related that capture the lion’s share of history. We all made mistakes and rightful decisions of both commission and omission. But what were the ramifications of goodness or evil committed, as well as the consequences of goodness or evil left undone?
And why would a boy’s parents give him the word Marshall as his first name when he already had Lawe as his last? One can only imagine they were striving for symbolisms. But one day Marshall Lawe made a big decision. And that decision was made because he (I) didn’t wish to become part of the “I’m a victim of this or that” mentality which was being implanted in the minds of America’s youth at that time, as it still is to this day.
So I, Marshall Lawe set off in a different direction then. And I accepted an invitation for a conversation (which was really an interview) with a mayor named George Jennifer. He said he’d looked into my background and found me to be perhaps a suitable recruit for his city’s enclave of artistic types. And my time with Mayor Jennifer went well. And thus I accepted his offer to relocate to his city and join that group of creative individuals.
But I’ll not lie. Of course the foremost reason for my relocation to that city was my desire to seek refuge and liberation from the trend toward liberalism which seems so pervasive these days. And, life in my new city requires a commitment to conservatism and individuality – two traits which aren’t easy to defend or practice in these days of such left-wing political hatred as is being championed now by radical politicians, media types, and entertainment figures.
And, it’s likely I’ll never leave the protection of this city. I’ll remain here until my dying day – such is my commitment to truth over intimidation. Oh, and a few days ago I received my first literary assignment from Mayor Jennifer. It was the composition of Part Two of an essay for which he’d written Part One some weeks earlier. And that written piece continues now.
But I almost forgot to mention that Mayor Jennifer told me that because of what now will surely become a leftist banning of certain writings, he can now no longer promise timely or societally pertinent submissions to any readership. Yet, nonetheless I’ve lately been especially cognizant of two impressions: One, it’s become very easy for many mortals to blame all current problems upon all such people who were born white and male; and Two, it must be easy for one to don dark glasses and hide in one’s basement as that one’s cronies do his dirty work for him. Yes, many rights and wrongs were committed by many diverse individuals since you first began sandbagging in the Senate some forty years ago. But today can you free yourself from your misdeeds long enough to ask the Savior to grant the ability to see America as it will be thirty, fifty, or a hundred years from now to those who can’t see beyond their sometimes real and sometimes imagined present? No, their lofty goals will never come to fruition. And those who had been the oppressors years before, will most likely be the oppressed then, so if human fairness was really the wished for result, nothing will really have changed.
But getting back to the present, here’s a glimpse of a rather unfortunate situation which became a reality once upon a time in a land which had previously been basically free. An old mixed up man and his leftist friend stumbled in upon the innocents living there, and told them that from then on they’d need to live as he and his buddy instructed. And in the background some of the friends of those two mortals tore down some statues and burned some buildings, while they also stole some goods which others in that society needed to pay for. And then those supporters of the old man and his friend blocked off some city streets as they proclaimed that the police were pigs, and that the salaries of the swine should either be defunded or eliminated. And some of the “friends” even chanted that the pigs should be roasted. But out in the countryside some other leftists pulled down or threw paint on their opponent’s yard signs, as (according to some people) they then began preparations for the possible rigging of a presidential election.
Yes, and now it appears the leadership of our nation will soon be turned over to two anti- intellectuals who feel that cheating in elections is acceptable. Nevertheless, if they harbor any wish to “unite” the American people they may just as well not try. But maybe they’ll adopt a low profile instead, as they did during the campaign for the high offices which it now looks as though they’ve not really won as much as acquired. And as far as the “main man” on the ticket is concerned, maybe at his age and mental state it’s time for him to be more concerned about his eternal rather than his temporal future.

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