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I write, cook, clean something, rearrange something(s), watch a movie, take a walk, do some sort of craft...crotche, paper-collage, etc. and all over again! Help!

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Well I can relate, because I have been in those endless circles myself. But I have also been in situations where time flies, where you enjoy every moment and never want it to end. I think the key is to have those normal things, but also find something/someone you really enjoy. There is so much out in the world, that most people are just completely missing. You just have to expose yourself to new things, try stuff and see what really makes you happy. Because honestly most of my funnest times were not planned or even thought of, just kind of happened. Not to say you shouldn't have structure, but if you just let stuff happen, the universe can take you in crazy directions. Idk hope this helped, but I am stuck in somewhat of a rut myself. This is more because of lack of funds, and time, but thats also the key. To make excitement out of nothing, I try to remember, somewhere ppl probably have it way worse, so might as well make best out of any situation.

I listen to music, I dance, I practice singing, I write, and many other creative outlets :)

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