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Hello all, I am pretty new to and would like to introduce myself. I am Tafe, grew up in southern California and now live with my girlfriend and our evil cat in Kentucky. I love reading, (naturally) and writing, (also naturally.) Just recently published my first novel on Kindle, Inner Horror. Currently I am a horror writer but my ideas for future works dip into plenty of different genres.


Now with that out of the way, I am starting this discussion for fellow Indie Authors to offer a little exposure through my blog. I know how a little boost can really help out so I'd love to interview, review a book, or just give a mention to anyone that would be interested. I am a Horror Author and my blog follows suit so if your a Horror writer as well then awesome but if your not then it might not be your crowd, but I WILL do it anyway! If you are intrested in any of the above just Email me at

Also welcome to check out my blog,

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That's a nice offer, Tafe. It would be a good idea to add a mention of this post to the Free Book Marketing, Book Reviews and/or the Promotions and Marketing Groups. You'll find them under the tab at the top.
Welcome to the twisted and yet oddly comforting world of :) Glad to have you! And as soon as I get a Kindle, I would love to read your book, it sounds awesome! :)
Thanks to everyone for their support :) and for Callie and Rege I'll give you a secret... I don't have a kindle either! Just use the kindle app on my iphone! Its definitely my preference.

Oh my GOSH!! There are still people out there without KINDLES!!! lol... just kidding.  I don't know how you all survive without them.  I have mine with me every second of the day and every place I go.  If I can't carry it with me - then I have the app on my Droid to fill in those spare moments. 


Tafe - Thank you for the offer.  I'm not a horror writer - but my books are very suspenseful and mysterious.  My second one comes out in Sept.  I love being an Indie Author and helping other authors is the best!!!

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