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Hey Dudes and Dudettes! We are almost at the 2000 members mark. How cool is that!

Just wandering through the site as I order my thoughts for the stories and I noticed we are close to a Landmark number of members. Quite a way from when I first joined the site. This is a great community and I have met a lot of interesting and diverse folks here, cheers and good luck to all.

Anyway I'd better get back to my writing... book four - The Halloween Secret - here we come, double the trouble and pumpkin pie.

Keep writing, drawing, reading, reviewing, publishing and marketing...

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Very cool indeed Sean and well spotted by you! :) May your pen continue to be powerful. :)

Its getting closer 1990 and going up. I wonder who number 2000 will be???

Very cool. this looks like a friendly laidback site with my kind of peeps.

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