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New Non-Profit
Website,, Promotes Culture and Provides Exposure and Resource
for Up and Coming Artists, Musicians, Authors and More
is the latest website offering a culture forum and resource for artists working
to make a name for themselves. Promoting authors, musicians and bands, artists, provides exposure free of charge.


(PRWEB) Every artist has to start somewhere, and is now
available for those up and coming artists, musicians and bands, authors, and
other creative types to help develop an audience for their art and gain


Founder, Justin Bailey, an Iraq War veteran, launched the site due
in large part to his appreciation of culture and as a fighter for the freedom
that allows it.


“The goal of is to shed light on culture of all
kinds and also to give a nod of thanks to the troops that protect our freedom
to have it. The two go hand in hand,” he points out.


Up and coming artists will find “Identity Pages” on the site.
These pages, while not necessarily equivalent to a complete website, will
provide a free online home for authors, musicians, and other artists that have
minimal funds for promotion. “Identity Pages” can include a biography, pictures
or logos, and links to the local outlets where a fan can buy art, CDs, and
other items.


Further, any musician or band, or other artist or author who has
an “Identity Page” will get a turn in the rotation for the “Spotlight” section
on the home page of, which offers
even greater exposure.


“There is currently no other site like this. We consider ourselves
the pioneers of culture and we want to set the bar high. Everything we do is
free, we have paid advertising options, and we can play a strong role in
helping artists reach the next level of success,” adds Bailey. “And we believe
all artists have the capacity to shape the world in some way—we are obliged to
support that.”


Artists, musicians and bands, and authors have nothing to lose and
everything to gain. Visit to sign up.

Justin Bailey is the president and founder of Justin is an Iraq war veteran that served in the United States Army. During his time in the military, he touched down on countries such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iraq, Kuwait, and England. Through, Bailey strives to change the online culture and support the troops that defend it.

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