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Written By: R. F. Husnik

Haphazard words may
birth poetic obscenity in which
only certain people
are seen as the new
glorious focus every day

And those people can then
apparently force their will
on all others, and can
say that because their elders
suffered non-freedom, now all
alive today beside them
should bear some
type of retribution

But in an uncompromising response
I simply say “No”
and list my constructive
reminiscences, and try to force
my mind to give my body
order. And I don’t waste
time. I champion self-protection
and preservation

And I know that years
ago, and still today
many lived incorrectly, but
I say color was less a
factor then than simply
the desire of some to
have others do their
manual labor for them

Still, a good poet
and/or pen man or
pen woman can
always unrhyme or
unpen his or her
way out of poetic
or literary messes

And maybe in that quest
he or she needs to pledge
allegiance to Liberty, E
Pluribus Unum, and In
God We Trust

And maybe on
metal money he or
she should acknowledge
John, George, Franklin,
Thomas, and Abe

And on paper
Benjamin, Ulysses, Andrew,
Alexander, Abe, George, and
even Thomas on a bill that
doesn’t circulate

Yes, they were great men although
of course they had their faults,
as do we all, but
to be neutral
in regard to skin color
we must not demand an
end to police forces
that protect us all,
so that some of us
can break whichever laws
we wish

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