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Hey all, I'm offering up a coupon for a free copy of my book to members. It expires 01/30/2013.

All that I ask is that if you download it and enjoy it, that you take the time to give me a good review on smashwords, goodreads, and/or amazon.

The book is called Random Stranger: Here's the Synopsis- Random Stranger is an Abstract, an idea made flesh, and an unknown adversary is out to kill him and his friends. Have you ever had car trouble and received aid from a random stranger? Or awakened after a particularly hard night of drinking to ask yourself who that random stranger is next to you? Wonder no longer, for this is the story of Randy Stranger, who’s always around to add an unpredictable element to each of your personal stories. Whenever the unexpected happens, there’s Randy, whether he wants to be or not.
Randy and his crew have been formed from ideas that had collected and been shared across the human consciousness. Together with his best friend, Lucky Bastard, and his ex, the shotgun toting Karma, they find themselves suddenly the target of a long planned assassination. What could be worse than being the one in the crosshairs? How about learning that the would-be killer might be someone close to you; that they might be an Abstract as well?

You can also find a video of me explaining my book on my page.

As for the coupon! Here you go: WH88P

Just go to , and when you purchase the book, use the coupon code! 

Thanks for your time and I hope that you enjoy it.

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Hi Matthew

Congratulations on publishing your book on Smashwords. Publishing is never an easy task. i started to read , as an ordinary reader, and found it hard going on screen because you've published in single line format. If that was your intent then my apology. The books I've read before have been spaced out and make use of White Space for maximum impact.IMO


The format wasn't chosen by me, or used as any sort of artistic endeavor. Smashwords is very strict in its e-book formatting. It has the positives of now being available all over the market, including iBooks, Sony, Kobo, and Nook, but the negative impact is that you aren't allowed extra spacing between paragraphs. White space is wonderful, in physical copies and when you can handle it, but Smashwords' requirements are what they are. What did you read it on? The computer or an e-reading device? I also might be misunderstanding what you mean by single-line format. I noticed that on the 10% sample of one of my short stories it produced a single line per page, but the actual purchased download was properly done, with spacing as it should be.

Thanks  for the info. I took another look and found it was possible to change the spacing. On the page it then looks so much better.

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