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Written By: R.F. Husnik

Sometimes, as a year
nears its’ end,
if all one’s
attributes of consciousness
align favorably,
it may appear
that fall falls timelessly,
that is, imaginings
of contemplative quietude
may portend winter to come
but also remember
summer passed

Yet, it seems so often
we find but minimal repose
when we exhaust our
armaments of individuality
and right living against
those who for their own
selfish gain or need for
power express half truths
and complete falsehoods
in their attempts
to thwart actions which
in their souls and minds
even they know would
make America great again

And those whose goal
it is to make life better
are often the targets
of troublemakers who
wish to steal the wealth,
integrity, and even well-being
of the working classes,
and redistribute those assets
and intangible aids of
survival to losers, crybabies,
and haters of America

Thus, today as autumn
fades, our prayer is
that those leaders who
fight the tyranny of
left-wing extremism
would be allowed
to help America,
and that those who
exist in Congress only
to further their own
political and monetary
agendas, would stop
wasting legislative time
and taxpayers dollars

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