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As I write my third adventure the lessons are hitting home. I now read books differently, with an eye on how the author has constructed the story, down to its nuts and bolts.


Do you find that the way you read changes the way you write?



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As I reread books I find that the way they are written effects the way you read. 'Slim' writing makes for a faster pace, for sure. Its electrifying when done well, but... it depends on what you want to achieve with the story.

I remember reading some stories and finding I couldn't get into them because they were so long winded, flowery and descriptive I became bored.

Somewhere in between there is a place that gives the best of both. There are times for each mode and the storyline dictates the pocess to use. With a fast paced section, then clipped, refined words work best. All the best action stories show this. Grisham's legal thrillers are a favourite for this. The slower approach can build to a greater crescendo though. Ultimately be aware of what you are doing and use the tools at your disposal. One of my favourite authors is Terry Pratchett clear focus on his stories, humour and fun throughout. Thought provoking stuff. His sidelines make for a better whole.

Fast, slow, wordy or concise, does it fit or not? That is what matters.

Have fun!

What are your thoughts and experiences?
Personally, I haven't, but then again, I honestly write so differently than many other people, so I can't see things the same as others, anyway. :) Of course, now that I'll start thinking about it, I will now because you brought it up... :) lol
I'd say that the more you read, the more it influences your writing because you open yourself up to styles other than your own. I don't think it's a conscious influence. It's like expanding your vocabulary. The wider your range, the better your writing will be. Our brain picks up all kinds of information even when we're not actively studying and retrieves it when needed. Not just from books, but from our daily world.

(Sean, your post is a little confusing. Your thread title is "Does the way you write change the way you read?", and in the body of your post you ask "Do you find that the way you read changes the way you write?". I assumed the latter was what you wanted answered. )

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