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Written By: Charles Platt and George Jennifer

AN INTRODUCTION TO CORZER’S (CHARLES PLATT’S) SECOND LETTER TO OUR CITY’S THEN MAYOR RALPH HAWK: I’m George Jennifer, the current mayor of “the city.” And these are some words of introduction to Corzer’s second Parisian letter to his friend, and our city’s then mayor Ralph Hawk. And yes, I believe that releasing this letter at this time is a controversial action. It’s somewhat dated now. A number of years have passed since it was written and sent. Yet, in consultation with Corzer, F. John Surells, Orlon Braem, Rashon Leyf, and a few of Ralph’s other favorite writers from this city, a decision was made to grant it “the light of day” so to speak. And that decision was partly prompted by the knowledge that the entire story of Charles Platt and Valerie Danns may never be completely told. However, since it was a fairly long letter, the group of people alluded to above, and myself, decided to divide it into two parts. Part One appears here.
I’d like to say as well, that the same group of Ralph’s former friends also decided to re-release Joseph Same’s impressions of Mona Lisa. That will appear (unless something of great importance occurs either within or outside the city) as the next installment after the completion of Corzer’s letter. Thank you, and may God protect you in these troubled times.

Mayor George Jennifer


Dear Uncle Ralphie:

The rain slithering off rooftops here is a gentle rain. And it’s falling across the city of light. It’s an overcast day today. And I’m fearful some unseen entities may be lurking outside my window. But if they are, I can’t see them; not merely with a glance through the glass at least.
Yet, there must be some forms out there. And they must be formulations of what mankind, in no doubt a rare consensus between its four divisions, has concluded that “good people” should be, and appear as. And isn’t it such a wicked world today? Yes, and I’m deeply troubled about what the United States of America will be like if it doesn’t elect better leaders at all levels of its government soon. But as I live here in Paris today, I imagine that all the scenes which seize my sight here are murals of sections of that city nine miles from my farmhouse home – my childhood home!
And that city has two divisions, doesn’t it Ralph? And as a child, although my mother would have strongly objected to my thinking such thoughts, and although I actually lived nine miles from it, I often found myself contemplating what I sensed to be a self-pitying, animosity filled mindset prevalent on the south side of that city. And those thoughts often troubled me then, since even as a child I believed in the freedom of thought and art; and, of course, in the rightful constraints of self-responsibility.
And it almost seems as though someone has agreed to meet me here this morning. And I’m thinking we’re supposed to leave here, maybe aboard a magic carpet, or maybe via a spacecraft within my mind. But God, please never again make me board Joseph Same’s vicious circular ship with ride!
And if we indeed leave bound on such a mental missal, or physical missile, then perhaps far away amongst present and bygone stars we’ll find time to think many thoughts we probably should have previously pondered. But we’ll contemplate them then. And I fear we may find that many of them were generated by a sort of “heavily handled overbearance” which we utilized in a “weighted” past, but only remember today.
And I’m so very thankful that except for possible inter-reality transfers, I’ll not need to relive the past. But then, who can say what lies ahead of us? And who knows if we’ll journey through pragmatic light years spaced by epochs of good and evil, right and wrong, etc…?
Yet, we do know that in the Court of Verifiable Nations, the proctor once said,
“Amalgamation and individuality will know a marriage of many difficulties. Still, for the good of their offspring, and of time passing by, it’s best they try to avoid divorce. Nevertheless, I fear the day will someday dawn when many of those who violated America’s southern border will regret that they did so. ”
And yes, I believe that’s true. But it’s also true that sometimes, when someone turns a page, everything seems so different, so changed! But even then we know who the grandest pretenders are. They’re the non and anti-intellectuals who know little of life except their left wing ways. And do they even know that the greatest event that ever occurred in anyone’s life was his or her acceptance as a child of God? That acceptance granted he or she the possibility of entrance into the timeless light eternally, but couldn’t guard him or her from the cutting blade of liberalism temporally.
But oh, it’s so difficult for me to not focus on the past. And I wouldn’t have gone into the military had not my older brother done so before me. So, that makes me wonder if I’m only a follower of others. In other words, just because certain people did certain things at certain points in their lives, does that mean I have to replicate those deeds and those people’s choices?
But my older brother had a girlfriend within a year of his discharge from the Marine Corps. And they dated then for about half a year, and then broke up. And after they split, I asked Gregg why they separated. He said “Both of us just agreed we weren’t right for each other.”
And you know Ralph, I hope my tracing of my brother’s footsteps ended when I left the Corps. I don’t want to break up with the girlfriend I have now – well, actually the first real one I’ve ever had. And I can’t say if the fact that she’s French contributes to my infatuation with her. But she’s “gotten under my skin.” I hate that phrase, but I’ll use it so you understand that I feel as though I’m “hooked” – another winner of description. But let me tell you about the first time I saw her.

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