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I was thinking one night what were the best book to movie adaptations? I personally love the Harry Potter series! Haha no surprise there. Even though it doesn't show everything that they should, it still keeps the same feeling the creates in the book. And keeps true to the over all picture of Harry Potter.


They are also bringing The Hunger Games series to the big screen which I can't wait for either!! I am hoping that they do a good job on it, its such a great read!


One I didn't like was the Blood and Chocolate movie, it didn't go with the book at all!! I was so mad!! They pretty much used the idea of characters and world but didn't use the plot. It was a great disappointment. 


So everyone what are your favorites, hopes, and dislikes of book to movie?

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I try to avoid movies of books because I've yet to see many I can think of that were a good version of it. My main gripe is with Stephen King movies. They rarely make the transition well, though Misery was is the standout good one for me,  and The Stand mini-series which was written by King was obviously never going to get too far off-base.


Apparently someone's attempting to make a movie of The Stand, which is like trying to squeeze all the Harry Potter books into one movie. As King himself said "You absolutely can’t make it as a two-hour movie. If it was a trilogy of films… maybe."

That is very good, its a little  embarrassing to admit Ive never read any of Stephen King's book. Though I've never read them I could still sort of tell that the movies never did any justice to them. There were too many holes I guess.
Lord of the Rings and Kara no Kyoukai. Hands down.
Well I just read Red Riding Hood, and I'm kind of nervous to watch it. Anyone seen it AND read it? Maybe give me advice on whether or not to see it? :P
Ive seen the movie it was an ok movie. I liked it but its not that kinda movie where EVERYONE will like.
LOTR was great, I agree. I also love Last of the Mohicans, which is a bit older but is one of the few instances when I actually thought the movie was BETTER than the book. lol! The Stephen King adaptations are for the most part pretty bad, with the exceptions of The Stand and Shawshank Redemption,  (which were actually novellas rather than full-length novels.) Silence of the Lambs was great as was The Princess Bride. And of course To Kill a Mockingbird is hard to beat.

A book ought to have in general a STRONG point of view. Not many points of view. Not more than three characters  if at all possible. Certainly not ten or twelve , each with a piece of dialogue and all sat around a table etc. Too confusing in the book and worse in a film.

Skip prologues. make them into he introduction and set the mood(in the book and film.How? That makes the difference to the film.

What about the setting? I live in the Cotswolds and m setting are the onces I Know. You mention HP but the writer lives in Scotland . Only the director or producer decided on the Cotswolds as the ideal place for the film location.

Introduction of main characters. It is important to know who is key to the plot.

Show the reader/view what is at sake. How the odds will change and how th action will be cranked up to fever pitch.

Find a way to relate all elements of the book/ film to the reader. Make the audience WANT to know more.

Any book that covers those aspects will probably transfer well into a film. You might like to do a text book evaluation of 'No country for old men' or 'The Great Escape', 'The Bourne Identity' or 'Enter the Dragon.' All have that element of excitement and many merits.

If you are a writer how do you plan to capture that' something' associated with a successful film?




I agree, my favorites are definitely the Harry Potter series! Of course they left out pages and pages of information that would have been great in the movie, but that would have made the movies around 4 hours long anyway, so it makes sense!

Hopes? TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY! It's a great book that I love to death and it's being made into a movie! It's not even done casting yet, and it's not scheduled to come out until 2013, but I can't wait! (And it better be good, or I have a whole angry mob of friends who'd back me up when breaking down the producer's door with pitchforks and torches!)

Dislikes? EASY! Some of you know that the book that got me into reading in the first place was Inkheart. When I saw that movie, I literally cried. They did nothing but take the character's names! There were three books and they can't even make a sequel now because they took the main premise for the second book and squished it into the third! I could go on for hours complaining about it...


But my favorite would DEFINITELY be Harry Potter and I'm DYING for the final movie!

So am I!!! I'm staying with my sister out of town and my friends were literally planning on kidnapping for the nightly premier!! I was like wth!! It made me feel wanted but kinda scared... lol
Lol, well I'll do whatever it takes to see it! (It kinda helps that my parents work at a movie theater, so I'll be there anyway, but still!) Oh, did you know that for the 3D one, they're giving out those RealD 3D glasses that are round like Harry Potter's? 8)
What!! No way, maybe in a the bigger cities, I live in a small town, we do have 3D but I'll totally watch out for them if they do have it here!! I'd keep them forever!! lol :]
Haha, I would do! I can't wait!!!

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