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I was told this group is the best place to let authors know I'm looking for books to review on my blog. My blog is Living, Learning, and Loving Life and I get about 2500 pageviews/month. I'm also on Twitter as @4LBookBlogger.


My blog is not strictly book reviews, but is also a "stories about my kids" blog, so most of my readers are women ages 30-50. Most of my reviews are Christian books, but that's just because I've been reviewing through two programs run by Christian publishers. I'll read almost anything but I'll only review books on my blog that don't have graphic sex. (I don't know why that's my "line in the sand", but it is.)


I also post reviews on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads (profile's private there, but the reviews show up on the individual books), and


Right now, I have about a two-week delay on reviews, but I try to post reviews as soon after the release date as possible to get the reviews on the retail sites.


I do weekly book giveaways on my blog. Unless you object, your book would be part of a giveaway. I usually do the reviews and giveaways separately, but if you prefer, I can do it at the same time. I can accept print books and Kindle-compatible ebooks. I only give away the print copies. If you would like me to give away your ebook, we can work that out.


If you have a general question, please ask it here. I may have missed something important. If you want to offer a book, you can email me at





Update: I'm currently running a 6-8 week delay on reviews.  

Also, I can not afford to purchase books to review. All books that I review on my blog have been given to me by the author or the publisher specifically for a review. This is standard procedure for reviews. I wish I could buy every book, but right now, I can only help by posting reviews.

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Not sure, although I do know there are a LOT of mom's (me included), writing ebooks right now.  My book, "Judge a Book by its Cover, How to design a great ebook cover" is FREE on Amazon for the next 3 days.

Would love a review on Amazon, as well as a blog on your site.  Thanks.

Hello Amanda,

I have just  joined and found you first stop. Greetings from the South of France.

I would love you to do a review of my non fiction eBook An Olive Oil Tour of France. Please let me know if this is possible and how I can get it to you.

Many thanks.

Hi, Alice!

 I am not currently accepting new books for review. I have quite a backlog to catch up on.



Hi, Tanya. 

I am currently trying to catch up on my review list, and I am not accepting new books at this time. For future reference, though: No, not having a giveaway is not an issue. I have done many reviews with no giveaways. Either way works for me. I'll post on here when I finally get caught up.

Tanya Robinson said:

I note that your post and all the replies are dated 2011.  Are you still reviewing?  If so would you consider an autobiography?  At present there are no print copies available, consequently, at this stage, I am unable to participate in a meaningful giveaway.  Would this be a problem to you?  I would be able to provide a Kindle friendly version.

Please note I have poor Internet access and usually only manage to visit the site on average once a week.  Please therefore be patient if you post a reply and are waiting for me to respond.


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