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Written By: F. John Surells

Blamesville lies down the road but a short distance from anywhere you may be today. Thus, its locale is easily discovered. And it possesses all the righteous condemnations affixed it by the truly righteous, as well as those pretending to be.
But if one really were righteous, wouldn’t that one pray for, and pity those who languish in Blamesville? Surely the darkened sun that rises there each morning must be despised by those who are the real stalwarts and advocates of relevant religions. Yet, the sun is dark there – it’s clouded there by wrongful acts which may or may not have been committed, though many have been denied, and most have been assigned a significance far exceeding their actual pertinence.
Yes, many of the either real or fabricated misdeeds alleged against the residents of Blamesville were surely inconsequential if the truth be told. Still, of course, that doesn’t change or excuse their wrongness. But then again, other actions taken by those who populate that dire abode must certainly have been significant – and often perhaps drastically so – damaging to mankind, either physically, emotionally, financially, or in any number of other ways.
Thus, a pollution of actually performed misdeeds now hangs above Blamesville. But it’s not the only smog which blackens the sun there today. All the rumors, all the innuendo, all the false accusations – they’re all so real there also! Still, Blameville’s most sinister sorrow derives probably not from any discernable evil, but rather from the paranoia generated there through both warranted and unwarranted accusations and expectations. To always be wrong - that’s the fate of Blamesville. To always live in consternation, doubt, and sorrow for the way in which one lives – that’s a manner of life, or lifestyle rampant in Blamesville. And this mode of life was no doubt established upon the earth through the outreach of the masters of darkness.
But, at one time those masters pushed the envelope of evil too far. And then they learned that while one is still a child of God, one doesn’t know when the real Master of the universe may finally tire of one’s continual throwing of stones against the entrance gate of heaven. And woe to those who, such as Lucifer and his followers, have acquired such knowledge! And oh how devastatingly real eternal damnation must be! A friend of mine, Joseph Same, was once granted a glimpse of it. “Wretchedness beyond comprehension” is what he termed it!
But yes, to be forever separated from the grace of heaven’s Master, that’s the fate of those who now and someday will inhabit the domains of hell. And that fate fell upon Lucifer and his cohorts, despite the fact that prior to their banishment from heaven for having rebuked their Master’s dominion over them, they had been angels of God. And if such a fate could befall angels, how much more easily might it entrap mere mortals?
And were that to happen to any recently deceased mortal, then certainly the greatest evil that can befall any now dead human would have befallen that former mortal. And all the remorse of Blamesville would matter little then. Indeed, it would pale in comparison to the consequences of damnation. And yes, damnation is the eternal debasement of the mortal or, as in the case of Lucifer and his subordinates, of otherworldly beings as well. And all of humanity now suffers as a result of Lucifer’s damnation. Indeed, he and his cohorts, who rebelled against God, have now become the very source of all known evil.
And those who constitute that source of evil, now utilize numerous means to achieve their spread of wickedness throughout the realities of earth, And one of their favored methods to further wretchedness and sinfulness upon this planet is the continual assignment of either valid or invalid blame. And that constant alleging of fault, or consistent assignment of blame by some mortals against others is obviously the largest factor contributing to the existence of Blamesville.
Yet, why do some people allow their own sadness, coupled with all those faces on movie, computer, and television screens, to impact them as negatively as they do? Sometimes perhaps they grow tired and despondent of all the evil and problems they note within their own lives and within the outer world around them. And should that occur, then you and I will find them either blaming us or others for all that appears wrong and sinful to them, be it real or imagined.
And sometimes perhaps our perceptions of life become darkened. And then we find that all that’s negative, whether it be people, events, or situations has changed us. But are we really going to allow that to be a reason for great depression? May God forbid we do! And may we never allow despondency to cause any of us to end our own lives – lives which know the important basic truths – which have learned them.
But any day is day in which one may say “I’m going to start over.” And who’s to say that such a new beginning might not be successful, though past attempts have failed. Still, it often takes a long while to finally extricate oneself from all the garbage that’s piled up around one. And when I use the term “garbage” in this context, I’m going to expect that by now you know it doesn’t refer to physical trash. And I’m sure you’re aware by now of all the barriers, symbolic chains, doubts, sinful acts, compassionate acts not performed, evils, temptations, false rumors, false accusations, jealousies etc., all of which brought about negativity, which then perhaps gave birth to cynicism, and ultimately perhaps caused the loss of the desire to live, or to at least live freely and correctly.
But personal eras end when individual members of mankind’s family comprehend they no longer need to live for, submit to, or pander to the whims of others. That’s freedom, but it comes enshrouded within free choices. It’s one thing to finally realize who the Joneses really are, and what effect their stifling “status-quo” has had upon mankind, but it’s quite another to live free from blame while still aiding the furtherance of mankind’s well-being upon planet Earth.
And to those who’ve sought such furtherance, whether in the past, now in the present, or who shall dedicate themselves to it in the future, I offer my most sincere gratitude. But it’s never easy to work for goodness in a world so rampant with wickedness. Still, so many try. They fight on as perhaps does the farmer who plants his crops outside of Blamesville. And had he not planted crops in that area, then surely weeds would have grown there in a manner similar no doubt as to how evil, unchecked and not supplanted, grows within fertile minds.
And, if I’ve never been clear about this before, let me state it very clearly now: Just because someone else did something, or lived in a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean you or I need do that same thing, or live in that certain fashion today. Who knows when one may recognize that things have changed? And who knows when current eras may end and new ones begin? Only free men and women know they can sever ties with past traditions and lifestyles if necessary. And only free mortals can live freely today and in the future.
And isn’t it perhaps because today we live free of a substantial share of the tyranny of the past that many of us must truly admit that the greatest friends we as free beings have had, are certain friends we’ve in fact never known? Well, yes, but somehow they learned of us and our plights, despite the fact that many of them proceeded us in earthly years. Oh yes, many of them lived and died before we were ever born! Yet, heaven’s Master revealed to them what our future problems and concerns would be! And then they prayed for us! And they held us in their hearts! And because they knew of us and our ways of life, many of their then current artistic efforts spoke of our future quandaries yet to come.
And today, if some question whether those artful words, or artfully representative creations were sincere, then perhaps at this time those some should seek the answer to that question within their own souls. Oh, don’t be mistaken – fakers, liars, hypocrites, and false prophets of course exist, but if they have nothing more than counterfeit output and labor performed in an attempt to deceive to show for their efforts, then they’ve put their own eternal sanctuary at risk; and perhaps it’s they who should now be the real residents of Blamesville.
And isn’t it sad that today so few mortals have a desire to confront the effects unleashed by grief, sorrow, and feelings of worthlessness? Yes, it’s true that we must not figuratively “stick our noses” into the affairs of others, but how is it that over the years, decades, and most likely centuries, a sort of stifling “status-quo” has developed as one of the major divisions of mankind? Remember, sameness and non-change are its goals. And it will always strive to maintain life as it is today, and as in its opinion, it always has been.
But now I’d like to begin my ending of Part One of the discourse concerning Blamesville. I’ve heard that my friend Rashon Leyf will provide a second part to it. But I’d like to say here that my portion of this discussion dealt with supposed “real blame”. That is, this writing was to have been dedicated to actual wrongful deeds, whether or not they were really committed. Rashon’s installment of the Blamesville saga will concern “symbolic blame” I’ve been told. What is symbolic blame? Without trying to steal Rashon’s thunder so to speak, let me say it’s simply the phony guilt which certain members of society (usually liberals) try to foist upon those people who’ve been successful in their lives, while others of course have failed.
But now, in closing, I’ll say a few words of thanks and/or consolation to three separate categories of mortals or former mortals. First, let’s offer our thanks to the soldiers who fought in our nation’s wars, and in some cases gave their lives to stop the enemies of America. And second, let’s remember the so-called “common-man”, although we know that term refers to women as well as men. The common man is the backbone of American society, even though his or her salary or wage may not always reflect that. And thirdly let’s say a prayer for those who are the virtual prisoners of Blamesville. Many of them were, or still are wrongdoers, but some were falsely accused. And let’s not forget what perhaps is Blamesville’s saddest reality; that being that many mortals exist there solely because of their constant fear of either truthful or false rumors, and damaging innuendo.

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