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   I am retrying my hand at writing since I put it down due to short sales on my last two novels. The only problem was that I did not publicize as well as I should have. Does anyone have any advice?

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Shanequa, there's several free ways you can get publicity and raise awareness of your books. Did you visit the Groups section yet? There's information there in the discussions under Free Book Marketing and Marketing & Promotions that will help. You also need to be using Social Media to your best advantage.  The main thing that helps is to be visible and network a lot. Have you got your own website, Facebook fan page and Twitter account set up? Tell us what you tried before, a little about your books and we can make suggestions. :)

I have tried twitter and facebook, plus I blog and have my own author website but i'm still not sure if the book will sell the way I want it to. I wanted to talk to libraries and book stores but im not sure how to go about that. I go through my friends and tell them to pass on and have their friends tell other and go that way. I think that is all I took on so far but im still fuzzy on how I can get the publicity going without killing my money flow

Is your book self-published, Shanequa? If so, does it have an ISBN number? Libraries are tough to get into as they can be very restricted in what they can or cannot accept by their city council overseers. You could always call your local one and ask to speak with the head librarian. Offer them a complimentary copy and ask if she/he can advise you on how best to approach it. 


Kay Elizabeth has an article at her site with tips on how to sell to libraries. They may help too.


You could always sell online via places like Smashwords too if you have it in ebook format as well. I believe some members here use that already. Please share your links to your blog and so on and we'll see if we can suggest anything from there.


Have you done any book readings or public speaking engagements locally? Does that appeal to you or not?

I would love to do some public speaking engagements and reading from my book but I am not sure how to go about setting any of that up.


my webpage is

my blog is on webpress and somehow I cant access it from my computer without logging on and cant find the computer is wierd.


I do plan to make it an ebook because I have heard it was a good idea.

But right now I am working on who can and will publish the book. The only taker I have right now for what I can afford is PublishAmerica which means that I need a lot more time to comb over the manuscript and make sure its perfect since they charge for editing.

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