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Hi everyone. My name is Melinda Smith but everyone calls me Mindy. I live in upstate New York where I was a property manager until about 6 years ago when I started writing seriously. Now I'm a part time school bus driver and I write during the day between my routes.

I have two books self published, Sweet Nothings in 2012 and Another Chance in 2014. They are available on Barns and Noble as well as Amazon if anyone wants to check them out. I did have a manuscript picked up last year by a publishing company but when they demanded too many changes to the characters and story I backed out of the deal.

But I'm not giving up!! When I submitted the last ms I received many rejection letters that were personalized and who asked that I submit to them in the future.

My new book His Sadistic Game should be finished by spring.

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Hi Mindy, I too have experienced that. One publisher said I had too many characters in the book and a week later my book After The Fact was picked up by another small publisher. I would think, with the direction book publishing houses are going today, publishers would think about new talent. Their old, establish talent must be running out of ideas. New, fresh talent is what I would think publishers would and should be searching for. Work with writers!!! Rejection letters can be difficult, but it strengthens us to write better. I have 28 poems published. I haven't written poems in some time, but that's where I started and now writing books have been so enjoyable. I hope you well. I too, work in the school system as a janitor. It's an easy job, not to the most of my potential but I can write. Writing is my true talent. 

Hi Mindy:

Never give up.

Had I ran the gauntlet of rejection letters on my first book in 2011, I would never have written #2.

I just finished writing book #29 with ten more books planned.

Great story and great grammar editing is a winning formula if you can get your book in front of the right audience.


Choosing to go the publishing gauntlet to submit your manuscript is a tough journey and so many new authors are rejected, because publishers like to promote an established, known author. An unknown authors name is not recognized by any customer in any bookstore.

So an author must wear a thick turtles shell to endure the rejection letters.

Best of luck to you.

Hi Mindy, 

same journey for me.  I have three books, one through a publisher and the other two self-published.  Candidly, I have little trust or comprehension of the publishing/agent criteria.  For the most part, publishers want already known (translation: guaranteed numbers) entities. Keep pushing!

Well Mindy, my suggestion is to send your work to small houses and see who bites.

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