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Book Excerpts belong in the Groups section, not the Forum

Please don't add them here as we have a special section for that. Go to instead and add it ther…

Started by Kay ElizabethLatest Reply

Read before posting here PLEASE! Check the Groups tab FIRST

There may be a Group already related to the topic you want to put on the forum. If there is, add the discussion to the Group, not the forum…

Started by Kay ElizabethLatest Reply

Duplicate Content Rules reminder! Short version: Don't do it. Please.

I'm going to be blunt, my fellow scribes: some of our members are hurting us. Sad but true. Every single time a member posts content here t…

Started by Kay ElizabethLatest Reply

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Yes Myron. I Met You When School Was Ended

Written By: Samantha Richards My name is Samantha. I once lived in “the city.” I’m the girl Myron Moulders wrote about in last month’s inst…

Started by RF Husnik

0 on Wednesday

Interpretations Of M Part Two: Meet Me When School Is Ended

Written By: Myron Moulders I’ve been a resident of “the city” for many years, and I’ve likewise been a follower of this blog since its ince…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Aug 31

Interpretations Of M Part One: Repeat The Line

Written By: George Jennifer Many may misconstrue my meanings. But man who leads the free world, will you emerge from your hiding place toda…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Jul 27


None Written By: F. John Surells I’ve learned it’s often easier for writers to end written pieces than begin them. And the truth of that st…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Jun 22

The Scam Poems: Poem Three Point Nine M

Written By: Anonymous THREE Apparently the scammers prefer to utilize an aggressive “no holds barred,” “no frivolous, or honest introductio…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Jun 15

The Scam Poems: Poem Three

Written By: Anonymous Poem Three scams us, I fear, in that even those most accepting of poetry approximating prose (or vice versa) may fin…

Started by RF Husnik

0 May 18


Written By: Vernon Puton Yes, “putting” is a heteronym. So, I’ll leave it to you to decide if today I’m placing some objects in new locatio…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Mar 12

Views From The Circular Room

Written By: Brandon Colors Arrogance, I’d imagine, is generally perceived as a negative trait. Yet, it’s been my experience that a small po…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Feb 9

Time Facilitation

Written By: Jay Blydyn Today, I guess more than ever before, I realize how life on Planet Earth will continue on after I’m no longer part o…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Dec 31, 2021

A Robot At Blackhall

      Written By:  Rashon Leyf     As was the case with a few of the recent submissions to this forum, this written piece also concerns per…

Started by RF Husnik

0 Dec 1, 2021


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