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At 4:45pm on August 31, 2011, Chuck Keyes (The Chuck!) said…

Greetings Steve,  …from The Chuck!
I write sci-fi novels filled with adventure, mystery, romance, drama, horror, and many more genres all mixed in... Sci-fi for everyone to enjoy. I'm also a published poet. When you have a moment, please check out my Authors page and a few videos and blogs I've recently added... Let me know if you'd like to become friends.

The Chuck!

Today's technology is our yesterday's science fiction.

At 4:59pm on August 31, 2011, Steve Norris said…

Hi Chuck

will definitely check your material out soon as I get to find my way around


thanks for the welcome


At 6:58am on September 5, 2011, scribbler said…
Nice to meet you Steve. Welcome aboard. :) I hope you like it here! I look forward to hearing all about your writing.
At 2:26pm on September 5, 2011, Ronald N. Ramos said…
hey i hope you are fine......... im a friend from phil.............
At 4:34pm on September 5, 2011, Steve Norris said…

Hi All


Thanks for the messages


Just on holiday in Asia at the moment, will catch up more when I return.



At 11:37pm on October 18, 2011, Alexandria Infante said…
Thanks for adding me Steve, I'm alie :)
At 5:17pm on October 27, 2011, Omar McLeod said…

Yeah i would be happy with that too. I am wondering if it might be too much trouble to ask you to have a look at this book Publishing Engine Project I am working on. In short, it allows publishers to upload their work, break it up in various packages and sell or give it away if they so choose.

At 4:57pm on January 4, 2012, Sarah Luddington said…

Hi Steve,

Here we go, as they say... And thanks for the help with the more technical aspects of the interwebbiethingy.... ;-)


At 5:09pm on January 4, 2012, Steve Norris said…

Say hi to Sarah (Luddite Luddington) everyone, she's one of those people who's great to know, full of publishing market knowledge as well as fascinating and fun books. Sadly she still hasn't worked out the techie thing with the internet ;-)

At 5:57pm on January 16, 2012, Elizabeth Spear said…

Hi Steve, I understand from Sarah Luddington that you are an excellent mentor to those of us who are not so au fait with ways of promoting our work. I feel I could learn a lot from you, so would you be prepared to add me as a friend? Thanks.

At 6:53pm on January 16, 2012, Elizabeth Spear said…

Thanks for accepting my request :)

At 6:58pm on January 16, 2012, Elizabeth Spear said…

Thanks, Steve. I will be in touch.

At 3:27am on February 3, 2012, Amanda Chambers said…

I finally got your review done! So sorry it took so long.

At 6:04pm on March 17, 2012, Sean Solomon said…

Hi Steve,

some interesting stuff on your blogs...Nice to know I, not the only Yorkshire lad on the site (from Wakefield myself)...

OUTBREAK | Released Date Pending

The world is plunged into chaos as a deadly virus spreads across the globe, killing millions in its wake. Is the 'outbreak' the long awaited epidemic foretold or something far more sinister?

As society crumbles, a New World Order is born. Those deemed to be infected are mercilessly destroyed in an attempt to halt the spread of the virus or so we are led to believe.

The reality is beyond comprehension as, Dan Lucas, an ex-royal navy communications expert and Jon Derrer, a specialist police firearms officer, fight against the rampant madness that spreads across the UK. With help from beyond the grave, will they be able to right the wrongs of a world plunged into insanity or will they perish in the process?

Outbreak is a fast moving, paranormal, action thriller that keeps you gripped to the very end.


Coming Soon... 
Not since the days of the Yorkshire Ripper has death stalked the streets of Northern England spreading fear among the population.

Based several years in the future, after the re-introduction of the death penalty for murder, the story tracks a serial killer known as the 'Double Slasher', as he's brought to justice by DCI Haimer and his team of homicide detectives.

The tale follows the accused from bloody murders to the trial at Crown Court and the inevitable verdict.

Sean Solomon weaves a tale of - did he, didn't he? - that sways the readers' judgement one way and then the other, in a strange sympathetic rollercoaster ride of emotion.

As ever, look out for the unseen twist in the tale that will take your breath away!


At 1:58pm on April 11, 2012, Sean Solomon said…


I'm contacting all my friends, to say thank you for your support leading upto the release of my debut novel, OUTBREAK, which is now available at Amazon.


Sean (

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