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I came up with this as basis for new political theory to thwart our economic social issues with innovative consolidations the use JFK’s stance “the best and brightest” from a ground named Zero rather from what we have firmly divided parties that have strayed from Machiavellian promise of pleasant surroundings.

Time for introduction for my plan as all members have a voice mine is as follows; panoptic from Greek mythology Panoptes; “whose eyes were always awake”, seeing all.

Here goes;

I call it panoptic defined; “viewing all”, theory and its beauty is simplicity!

It’s something everybody uses all the time without even thinking. Just by one opening refrigerator door viewing all, in our case doctrines of different parties and including them into a whole and new form.

In other words seeing them all for what they are and discriminating select parts of their theories just as one would do to make meal.

Use the panoptical system as tool, guiding solution to issues with integrity;

Aim to redesign Governments system functions into trustworthy translates into honest. One that employs what most people feel they can depend on with positive and effective procedures qualities and aspects from drawing off the past and present ideologies and incorporates them into a new dynamic party. One that is fluid to keep up with the times in one that welcomes all. True our members first as they built but all respondents getting equal attention for their version.

Take qualities of existing systems and incorporate into a government gathering conservative Republicans with Fascist leanings efficiency and business like practices, in cost effective manner; similar to non-profit business Newman’s. Study and learn from them, under Mussolini’s Italian trains ran on time for a change. Even adopting regimentation of fascism for birth control, it’s that gravely serious an issue.

The conservation and land management of limited resources, by recycling, animal rights and environmental plans hand to Green party for plans.

The limited government of the Libertarian party for no intrusion into personal, private lives rights abortion, illegal vices.

Provide freedom, liberty and justice of American Democracies Bill of Rights while retaining funds, material resources and means of Capital interests by passing a low flat tax with an excise tax on wealth. To attain social and monetary equities and status of Democratic-Socialists increasing wages slowly incremented for adjustment time so wealthy don’t have to give up much. So all citizens as well as the nation as a whole live in a clean safe and secure prosperous environment, are free from want and with something to look forward to and cause optimism for their future.

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