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Human society has always been based in some way, or another on a strange take off-incorporating religion, and politics. Both are belief systems that generate “in own image” ego-crisis vehement emotions of feeling threatened in day to day issues in life. They take a degree of faith. The perception of God-as an old man Father-Figure with a flowing grey beard clad in a cloak. Our all mighty creator lovingly watching over, providing, and protecting us that if conformed to welcomes the comfort of rule under the control of Machiavellian lushery, or recognizers. Some of those inflicted people have in their struggled for, survival developed an “Art of living,” and living well-a drug subculture which reveals some of societies complexities, and explains the natural reaction being anti-establishment. They are illegal because the big money they draw in is feared by the establishment. According to Google there are 43.1 million Americans living below the federal poverty guideline of $12,490 in 2019.

They are conditioned to the point of a desperate disease that adversely affects their mind, spirit, and even health in our culture because they are impersonally rubber stamped. They are treated just like the goods, and services it produces. Compare that best guess of defining “poverty” made by the current government federales with Joe Biden "Sleepy Joe," and Donald Trump allegation to the 2,153 American billionaires, as the real winners- TV had the news on 16 hours a day. We both were really in to politics. No TV, “I don’t miss it. It was depressing!” but nobody knows what the truth is anymore.

Everybody’s in it for, themselves. It’s an over-crowded nutty world where the poor people take out the garbage of the rich, and hauntingly live in trash.

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