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                                                                   I'm so happy to announce my collection of short stories is now 

available as an ebook for 99p/99c* from Amazon

Tales for the Fireside - Five Stories of Love and Friendship looks at the themes from very different perspectives.

1. Emily finds comfort in the words of a wise old gentleman when her marriage hits the rocks.

2. A modern adaption of John Keats 'The Eve of St Agnes'. Madeline and Porphyro, two star-crossed lovers from opposing families must find a way out of their lives so that they can be together.

3. Alice discovers that Heaven isn't what she thought it was when she takes on the higher order of angels in an attempt to overthrow their ruling, in this amusing tale of heavenly disorder and a Divine Deity unlike any you've read about.

4. Scarlett finds her job at the morgue gets a little too lively when Robbie turns up to haunt her into helping him solve the mystery of his death.

5. Friends come together for a school reunion. Secrets, old loves and long-held jealousies come to the fore as the evening wears on.

* prices may vary outside of UK/US/CA

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