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His piercing blue eyes dug deep into hers. The both of them just stood there in the Salvatore boarding house not saying a word, the girl was breathing heavily and he well he… well let’s just say he doesn’t breathe hasn’t since 1864.  Anyway back to the extreme awkwardness in the passage way that was occurring and has been for at least fifteen minutes now.

“We’ve met before... how, when, where and how come I don’t remember?” the blue eyed guy questioned with puzzled look on his face. Still the silence continued.

I shouldn’t have said anything, the warlock won’t be happy, still now I have no choice… the girl sighed, swallowed her frightened fear.

“We met….



That's the prologue sneak preview of my fan-fiction based on The Vampire Diaries, I own none of the characters. This is based on a new charachter who has moved into Elena's home with her family that's all I'm saying I don't want to spoil it not for everyone but for my self, please leave a comment or likes.

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